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Foundation Tips For Oily Skin

Foundation tips for oily skin are a must. When you have oily skin, you need to do everything from priming to setting spray right to make sure that your makeup isn’t running by the end of the day. These awesome foundation tips for oily skin are guaranteed to help you look as flawless at the end of the day as you did at the beginning. 

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Primer For Oily Skin

Primer is one of the most critical steps, especially regarding foundation tips for oily skin. You want to use a mattifying primer that helps absorb oil. Make sure that you double-check the ingredients. Avoid products that have oil as an ingredient. Primers that are made specifically for oily skin are ideal. 

When you apply primer, make sure that you evenly apply it over your entire face. If you forget a patch, the oil will soak through your makeup by the middle of the day. Instead, take your time. 

Our Recommendations

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Poreless Face Primer ($9)

Maybelline made this poreless face primer with oily skin in mind. It goes into overdrive the second you apply it, helping to blur the appearance of pores while mattifying your skin to dull the shine. 

A 20 SPF gives your skin extra protection from the harmful rays of the sun, too! Not only does it work, but it also lasts all day long! This mattifying primer can help your makeup looks last for up to 16 hours!

Check it out here!

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ($56)

The price point on this one might be a bit higher, but it’s well worth the extra cost. First, it goes beyond other primers to help conceal redness, promoting an even skin tone. Then, it soaks deep into skin, reducing the appearance of large pores. Did we mention it also works on fine lines and imperfections?

Then, after creating a smooth canvas for flawless liquid foundation application, it goes above and beyond to keep your look in place all day long. Once you use this lightweight primer, you’ll be in heaven!

Check it out here!

Pick The Perfect Foundation For Oily Skin

It doesn’t matter how many foundation tips you use for oily skin if your foundation isn’t right. Again, you want to avoid products with oil. Try to stick with powder foundations that can help soak up small portions of the oil without caking or a mattifying liquid foundation. Bare Minerals powder foundation is excellent as is Beauty Blender foundation.

Our Recommendation

Clinique Stay Matte Oil-Free Foundation ($33)

Clinique understands the complications you can have with oily skin, and they ensured that this foundation would work for you. The formula was tested in high humidity, high-temperature settings to ensure that it will give you a streak-free finish all day long!

The natural finish is oil-free (because why would you need more oil), fragrance-free and allergy-tested. It instantly provides medium coverage for a flawless look that appears natural. With over 20 shades, you can find something regardless of skin tone!

Check it out here!

Always Start With Skincare For Oily Skin

We all know how important skincare is, but this is especially important if you have certain skin care needs. Skincare routines can help stop the oil before it starts, making them a must if you have oily skin. Foundation tips for oily skin will help, but only if your skincare routine is where it needs to be. 

Pick Up Translucent Powder

Setting spray is awesome, but if you have oily skin, you want setting powder. As the day goes on, your skin will continue to produce more oil. The powder will absorb excess oil to keep you shine-free and help your foundation last longer. ByTerry Setting Powder is always a buy!

Try Powder Based Makeup

While liquid foundations have come a long way, they can only do so much when combined with oily skin. Powder makeup, on the other hand, absorbs excess oil as your skin produces, helping eliminate mid-day shine. 

Blotting Papers

Blotting papers are made for anyone with oily skin. Pick up a travel pack to carry in your purse. As the day continues, blot away excess oil with a few quick dabs to make sure you slay all day. 

Our Pick

Clean & Clear Portable Blotting Papers ($19) 

You get three packages of 50 blotting papers to make sure that you can control the shine no matter where you go. The small size and carrying case are ideal for traveling. Toss them into your bag before you head out for the night!

As you blot away oil, these blotting papers won’t leave a powder residue on your skin, making them safe to use while wearing foundation. 

Check them out here!

Always Moisturize

Moisturizing is critical for any type of skin, but most people forego oily moisturizing. The myth is that it will make the skin oily, but that isn’t the case. 

Oily skin can also become dehydrated. When your skin is dry or dehydrated, it ramps up sebum production to moisturize itself. The result? Your skin is more oily than it already is. Instead, opt for an oil-free moisturizer to provide hydration without making your face look or feel like an oil slick. 

Don’t Layer Too Many Powders

Powder formulas are great for oily skin, but that doesn’t mean you should apply more. Applying too much powder on the skin will make the powder clump as the day goes on, and it absorbs oil. Instead, follow the less is more rule for a flawless makeup all day long. 

Opt For Oil-Free

Dry skin can benefit from makeup and skincare products with additional oils. However, that isn’t true if you have oily skin. You may unintentionally put more oil on your skin, which will wreak havoc on your makeup throughout the day. Double-check the ingredients list to ensure you use oil-free skincare and makeup products. This is one of the most crucial foundation tips for oily skin to remember. 

In Conclusion

Applying foundation perfectly to oily skin takes practice, but you can do it. Make sure that you have a proper skincare routine in place. Use a mattifying primer and take your time during the application. Then, use a foundation that meets your skin’s needs.

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