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Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Review

The Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette is a limited edition palette featuring beautiful reds, purple, and gold in both matte and shimmer styles. This eyeshadow palette is perfect for the holidays and fall weather that commands the use of the gold and blackened plum in your makeup collection. 

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Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Pros Vs. Cons

The Huda Beauty Obsessions eyeshadow palette in Ruby is ideal for beginners and makeup professionals alike. It can last all day, and makeup junkies across the world discovered that they can pull off red eyeshadow when it was released. Huda Beauty products are found in stores in most countries and can be ordered online. There are only a few downsides to this particular eyeshadow palette. Make sure that you consider both the pros and cons before picking up one of these limited edition eyeshadow palettes. 



After a quick swipe of two colors, you can easily blend them together without having to worry about it taking too long. The colors are so blendable that you can easily mix them together on your eyelid for custom eyeshadow colors. 


Not only can you blend colors together, but the Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions eyeshadow palette also has eyeshadow that is buildable. You can use this palette to create one look after another thanks to the impressive formula that is used. 

Great Staying Power

You don’t have to worry about your look fading or a lot of fall out as the night goes on. I use a primer and setting spray, but I would also feel confident not going through that process with this highly pigmented eyeshadow palette. 

Highly Pigmented

Unlike other brands, even the pale peach color has plenty of pigment. There’s not so much pigment to the peach that you’ll look like a clown, but there’s enough to make the eyeshadow color work. Every eyeshadow is packed with enough color to make your Ruby Obsessions looks really pop. 

Plenty Of Looks

While the colors themselves might look bright, you can play them up or down to make them suit any occasion. Wear them to the office or out on the town! There is also a nice combination to guarantee that you’ll get plenty of use out of the entire palette. 

Only One Neutral Color

It seems like every eyeshadow palette has at least a few neutral colors. The end result is that we wind up with half of a vanity packed with neutral colors, but we’re stuck with them because we love the rest of the palette. That isn’t the case with the Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions palette. Instead, you get one that you can lay down as a base. That’s it, and we have to love them for that. 

Small Size With A Mirror

The small size of this eyeshadow palette makes it the perfect travel companion. There is also a mirror if you need to touch up your eyeshadow while you’re out and about. 


There Is A Learning Curve To Applying The Shimmer Eyeshadow

If you’re not used to applying shimmer eyeshadow, it can take a bit of practice, especially when it comes to the Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette. Instead of swiping the brush across the eyeshadow or across the lid, you want to press the brush into the eyeshadow as though you were applying a liquid foundation. You’ll want to do the same thing when you apply the eyeshadow to your eyelid. 

Another common solution is to use a finger application. The creator even specifies with the release of new eyeshadow palettes that the shimmer eyeshadow works best if you use a finger application. Those of you that aren’t a fan of finger application might not be too happy with the results you get when using the Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions eyeshadow palette. 

You’ll also notice that if you apply the shimmer eyeshadow in this palette too heavily, it will crease. You cannot avoid this regardless of whether you use concealer, powder, setting spray, etc. Take the time to practice with this eyeshadow before wearing it out of the house. 

It Costs $27

If you’re on the lookout for budget-friendly makeup at drugstore prices, this is not going to be your next purchase. At $27, it costs more than cheaper brands. However, it costs less than other brands, such as Nars. I think it’s the perfect price, but there are quite a few people that have left reviews stating that they simply would not pay that much for it, and only have it because it came in their Ipsy bag. 

Is Huda Beauty Cruelty Free And Vegan?

As we see the trend of makeup going more towards cruelty free, vegan brands, we can’t help but ask ourselves this. Cruelty free makeup means that the products are not tested on animals.

Not only is Huda Beauty cruelty free, but they take a firm stance against testing on animals. Huda Beauty products are not made with ingredients that are tested on animals. They do not do third-party testing, which can involve testing on animals. Huda Beauty products are not sold in countries that test imported products on animals. 

They are not 100% vegan, though. Some of their ingredients are derived from animals. 

In Conclusion

The Huda Beauty Obsessions palette in Ruby offers a nice mix of colors to your eyeshadow collection. Previously, I never thought that red would look great on my eyes, but this eyeshadow palette proved it. The colors are pigmented, the shades are gorgeous, and it’s not too expensive for the makeup budget. It’s worth trying if you’d like to spice up your makeup collection.

On the downside, this palette isn’t made right now. Unless you’re picking it up on Poshmark or another second-hand site, it can be hard to find. However, there are plenty of other Huda Beauty Obsessions palettes that you’ll love! Check out this eyeshadow palette by Huda Beauty and view other palettes you’ll love here! 

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