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25 Makeup Brands That Are Cruelty Free 

When a company is truly cruelty free, it means that they do not test any products on animals. Also, their suppliers and third parties do not test products on animals. Finally, it means that they do not sell products where testing on animals is required. 

The last sentence above is why many companies are not able to genuinely claim that they are cruelty free. Instead, they state that they care about animal welfare, but do allow animal testing when required by law. 

It is a requirement by law that products sold in Chinese stores be tested on animals. Some companies claim they are cruelty free, but continue to pay for animal testing and allow animal testing to get their products on the shelves. Because of this, they often aren’t considered cruelty free even though they do not conduct animal testing themselves, and neither do any of their supplies. 

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This is a list of makeup and skincare brands that are cruelty free: 

Although this is not a complete list (there are hundreds of companies that do not test on animals or condone testing on animals), you can definitely find a brand that you’ll love. These are some of the best cruelty free high end makeup and skincare brands on the market. The drugstore brands listed make great dupes! You can find most of them at your local Sephora or drugstore. 

Cover FX

To see if a brand is certified through PETA, check out the PETA website. They have a complete database that is easy to search so you can find out if a brand is cruelty free. Check out the rest of the blog for more tips, tricks, and honest product reviews!

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