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How To Do Makeup For Beginners

Apps like TikTok are full of catfish videos that leave everyone stunned. Beauty gurus on YouTube amaze people every day. If you already wear makeup, it definitely makes you feel like your skills need an upgrade. If you don’t wear makeup and are just getting started, it can make you feel overwhelmed pretty quickly. Don’t stress. This makeup for beginners article is going to help you get there. 

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Then, you dive into the world of makeup to be bombarded by terms like an illuminator. You discover there’s a product called strobe cream. There are so many cool products and techniques, it can be a bit much. You want to learn everything and try everything. Don’t do that to yourself. Follow this advice instead. 

How To Get Started With Makeup

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There are so many cool products that you’re going to be dying to try. There are even more that you’ll want to learn about. The world of makeup continues to evolve, and the looks that you can come up with are amazing. However, there is a certain way that you might want to go about learning how to do makeup for beginners. 

Start With Skincare

Before you jump into the world of makeup, it’s really important that you have your skincare routine down. Makeup can be really harsh on your skin. It’s really important to take care of your skin with cleansing and moisturizing to avoid blemishes, too. 

You also need to know what type of skin you have to make sure that you buy the right makeup products. If you haven’t done that yet, develop a skincare routine, stick with it for a week, and make sure that you’re happy with it. Then, go back to makeup. 

How To Know Your Eye Shape

Knowing your eye shape is so important when it comes to eye makeup. You’ll find that you can, and can’t, pull off certain looks if you have a hooded eye, round eye, etc. Certain eye shapes work well with graphic eyeliner looks, and certain ones don’t. This is something you need to know before learning to apply your makeup because you want to know how to apply makeup for your specific eye shape.

Try One Makeup For Beginners Category At A Time

Every type of makeup has a process. For example, most people don’t simply swipe eyeshadow across their eyes. First, you should apply an eyeshadow primer. Next, your eyeshadow look. Then, your eyeliner. You can close your eyes when you apply setting spray at the end of your look to seal your eye makeup. 

Trying to learn this process, try different eyeshadow looks, and trying to learn where to put highlighter all at the same time can be a lot. The four basic makeups for beginners are: 

  • Certain face makeup (primer, foundation, concealer)
  • Bronzer or blush
  • Eye makeup
  • Lip makeup
  • Eyebrows

Pick one of those. Learn the process, and practice applying your makeup. Once you get the hang of that, move on to the next one that you want to learn. After you learn how to use foundation, and start applying it, you’ll want to make sure that you learn how to do bronzer or blush. Just using foundation can make your face look too bare, so you will want to add some color and depth to it. 

After learning the makeup basics for beginners, you can move on to other things, like highlighter, strobe cream, how to contour, etc. Follow the same process of learning one thing at a time. Within two months you’ll be able to compete with the makeup artists on YouTube!

Try One New Product At A Time

When you get a huge haul from Sephora, it can be tempting to play with everything in a day. However, this is not a good idea. Instead, you want to use one new product at a time, especially if you’re using a new brand. 

This can help you determine if you have an allergy to certain products, or if they irritate your skin. When you try multiple products at once, you won’t be able to tell what you’re having a reaction to. Then, you’ll have to try them all one at a time to figure out which product or ingredient you need to avoid. 

Beginner’s Makeup Kit

Before you start buying random eyeshadows, there are certain things that you’ll need in your makeup kit. Make sure that you put thought and consideration into each one. Makeup can get expensive, especially if you’re not using drugstore products. Because of that, you want to make sure that you put some thought into each purchase. 

Some of these are necessities, but some of them are not. Some are fine to buy online, but some you should probably buy in person. We’ll go over all of that to make sure that you have the perfect beginners kit to move from one type of makeup straight into the next. 


I love Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More Primer. It makes your pores disappear, and it’s really lightweight. If that doesn’t work for you or you want another primer, that’s fine too. However, you do need a primer for whatever makeup you plan on wearing. This includes face primer, eyelid primer, and lip primer. You can order these online. Your makeup is going to cover them up so it doesn’t matter if they match your skin tone perfectly or not. 

Basic Face Makeup

You need to buy face makeup, such as foundation and concealer, in person if you can. It’s really hard to find your perfect foundation match online. You need a foundation, a concealer that is one or two shades lighter, and another one that is one or two shades darker. 

The reason that you need two concealers is that you can use concealers in quite a few different ways. Concealer is great to contour with. A lighter concealer is great for covering under-eye circles and slight blemishes. Sometimes you’ll need a slightly darker concealer to cover pimples or darker spots, though. 

In addition to those, you need a bronzer and a blush. Blush usually gets a bad rep, but it’s all about how you apply it. A small swipe of blush and bronzer in the perfect places will give your face depth. When your face is covered in foundation, it tends to lose some of that. 

Setting Spray Or Powder

Some people use setting spray and some use powder. For a full lipstick routine that you want to last for twelve hours, you’ll need setting powder. Aside from that, you can use a setting spray for everything. (I’m not a huge fan of setting powder, so usually use a setting spray. However, setting powder does have its place on the vanity too.) This setting spray by Morphe is a great option! 

Eye Makeup For Beginners

To get started with eye makeup, you need two eyeshadow palettes. You can also pick up one in your favorite colors to get started. 

Other eye makeup that you’ll need includes mascara and eyeliner. To be on the safe side, and to only have to purchase one of each, opt for products that are smudge-proof and waterproof now. 

Eyebrow Pencil

Billion Dollar Brows makes great eyebrow pencils that come with a spoolie on the end. You can use these to fill in sparse patches, draw on your eyebrows or simply create a more flawless look I really like this brand, and I can assure you that they will last all day. 

Brow pencils are ideal for beginners because they’re pretty hard to mess up. It’s a lot easier to make mistakes using a pomade with an angled brush than a pencil or marker. 

Lip Makeup For Beginners

If you want to learn the whole process, you’ll definitely need a lip primer. If not, you can get away with one lipstick. For your first one, stick with a nude or sheer lipstick that can be your go-to option. 


There are so many makeup tools out there that it can be hard to choose. You need a basic makeup brush set that includes everything, such as one of the all in one brush kits on Amazon. It’s easier to start out with a kit like this, and slowly upgrade your collection as you learn your preferences and what else you need instead of trying to find all of the perfect makeup brushes before you start doing your own makeup. 

In Conclusion

If you’re new to the world of makeup, you’re going to get a lot of information all at once. It can be overwhelming, but these tips will help you get started. For more awesome makeup tips, check out this article!

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