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20 Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are known for being a little different to work with. The tiny hood above them can make makeup more prone to smudging, for example. That doesnโ€™t mean that youโ€™re destined to have smudged makeup or that you have to forego it altogether. 

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What Is A Hooded Eye?

A hooded eye means that you have an extra little piece of skin that falls down over your eyelid. This skin is referred to as the hood. Some people have more skin than others, and some have a piece of skin that is barely there when compared to others. 

How Do You Know If You Have A Hooded Eye?

Having hooded eyes means that you have a flap of skin that typically extends down to the lash line. If you cannot see your crease, you definitely have hooded eyes. Itโ€™s important that you donโ€™t mistake your deep set eyes for hooded eyes. These are two separate eye shapes. 

Hooded Eye Makeup Tips

hooded eye makeup application

There are a ton of makeup tips for eyeshadow on the internet, but these tips donโ€™t always apply to everyone. Instead, itโ€™s important that you take your eye shape into consideration so that you can do the best eye makeup for your eye shape. 

1. Use white eyeliner to make hooded eyes appear larger

Hooded eyelids can naturally make your eyes look sleepy and smaller. If you want to make them appear larger, use white eyeliner along the bottom lash line. 

2. Avoid dark eye makeup on your lower lid

This is another tip to make hooded eyes appear larger. Dark makeup, including eyeliner and mascara, will make your eyes appear smaller. If theyโ€™re already small, you donโ€™t want to add to that effect. Instead, stick with dark colors on the top lid. 

3. Eye makeup for hooded eyes needs to include a primer

Because hooded eyelids are more prone to smudging, you need to take extra precautions against that. Applying eyeshadow primer before a base will help keep your makeup in place longer.

4. Avoid extra glittery eyeshadow for hooded eyes

There are two reasons for this. The first is that it draws more attention to your eyes. If youโ€™re self conscious and have yet to accept your eye shape, this isnโ€™t something you want to do. Second, glitter eyeshadow is just not the best idea for hooded eyes. Itโ€™s more prone to eyeshadow fallout, and youโ€™re already more likely to deal with that. 

If you canโ€™t live without glitter, stick to applying it to the portion of your eyelid that you can see when your eyes are open. 

5. Apply eyeshadow for hooded eyes above the crease

When you open your eyes, your crease disappears. This means that you wonโ€™t be able to see the eyeshadow that you put there. Instead, continue the color to just above your crease for a look that youโ€™ll love. 

6. Use smudge free, waterproof eyeliner for hooded eyes

When applying eyeliner for hooded eyes, you have to be careful. You donโ€™t want it to smear throughout the day either. This is why you need to invest in a good smudge proof eyeliner. You wonโ€™t have to worry about it smearing. 

7. Micro liner is the best eyeliner for hooded eyes

Because you have hooded eyes, you have less eyelid to work with. Using a thick line of eyeliner will take up your entire lid. It will look like you are wearing black eyeshadow because people will only be able to see the line of eyeliner. Instead, stick with a thin line of eyeliner using a microliner like this one.

8. Close your eyes until your makeup dries

If youโ€™re using a product that needs to dry, such as eyeliner or setting spray, keep your eyes closed until it dries. This can seem tedious, but itโ€™s necessary to guarantee that your eye makeup doesnโ€™t smudge because of your hooded eyelid. 

9. Apply lighter eyeshadow for hooded eyes in the inner corner

Using a light colored or shimmer eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyelid tends to have a brightening effect. Extend the eyeshadow to the middle of your eyelid and blend well. 

10. Use concealer in the inner corner

When youโ€™re applying eye makeup for hooded eyes, you donโ€™t want them to appear smaller. Instead, you want to make them appear more open. In the world of makeup, darker colors tend to give the illusion that things are pushed back. Lighter colors tend to bring certain areas on the face forward more. This is why we apply just a dab of concealer along the inner corner and blend well. 

11. Highlighter is great for the corner of hooded eyes

If you donโ€™t want to use concealer or have a shimmer eyeshadow, a highlighter is another great option for opening your eyes more. Apply this to the inner corner as you would concealer and blend well. 

12. Avoid applying a darker eyeshadow to your entire lid

Dark eyeshadows tend to make eyes look smaller and deeply set. Instead, apply dark eyeshadow for hooded eyes along the outer half or โ…” of your eyelid. Youโ€™ll still get the look you want without making your eyes appear smaller. 

13. Apply eyeliner for hooded eyes first

eye makeup

Most of us instinctively want to put on eyeliner last, but thatโ€™s not always a great idea if you want to soften black eyeliner. The tiny bit of eyeshadow that you will put over your eyeliner will make the final color less harsh. 

14. Donโ€™t put a highlighter on your hood

The hooded part tends to be in the same area as your brow bone. If you use a highlighter underneath your brow bone, it can be a little too easy to apply it to your hooded eyelid too. This is particularly true if you have a smaller space to work with. Make sure that you only put a thin line of highlighter beneath your brow. Highlighter and lighter colors draw attention to things and will make your hood appear larger. 

15. Try colored eyeliner for hooded eyes

When you have this eye shape, you want to go for a softer look. Harsh black lines of eyeliner donโ€™t always accomplish that. Try to use different colored eyeliner, such as brown or nude eyeliner, to see if you like the look.

16. Blend eyeshadow along the outer corner upwards

You want to blend your eyeshadow as you would when doing a smokey eye. It should go a tiny bit out and up over your hood. If you do it vertically as youโ€™ll see in a lot of makeup tutorials, youโ€™ll notice that it doesnโ€™t look as good because the hooded eyelid covers a portion of the color. 

17. Apply concealer under the eye all the way to your outer corner

Most makeup tutorials, even makeup tutorials for hooded eyes, involve a person putting concealer in the traditional small triangle under the eyes. This is great for covering dark circles and discoloration, but it does little to open your eyes. Instead, apply a larger triangle of concealer that extends to the outer corner of your eye for a brightening effect. 

18. Put bronzer under your cheekbones

If you wear bronzer, youโ€™ll come across some experts that say to put it under your cheekbones and some that declare on the cheekbones is best. It is true that bronzer is meant to give your face a sun kissed look, and the sun does touch your cheekbones, but you need to keep your face shape and eye shape in mind. 

The goal behind your makeup is to bring your eyes forward and to push other things back. If you have high set or prominent cheekbones that are close to your eyes, as most people with deep set and hooded eyes do, itโ€™s too close to your eye. The combination of the brightening around your eye and the bronzer that close to your eye wonโ€™t have the effect that you want. Instead, sculpt your cheekbones by applying a swipe of bronzer underneath them. 

19. Use waterproof mascara

Itโ€™s an awesome idea if you can use all waterproof eye makeup for hooded eyes, but especially mascara. Waterproof makeup is less likely to transfer, so you donโ€™t have to worry about your mascara getting on your eyebrow. 

20. Apply mascara to your lower lashes first

When you apply mascara to your top lashes, you tend to open your eye larger. If those lashes are already coated in mascara, itโ€™s going to be a mess. Instead, apply it to the top lashes last to avoid getting it on your hood or eyebrow. 

Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorials

If youโ€™re still trying to figure out the best ways to apply eye makeup to hooded eyes, consider watching a few hooded eye makeup tutorials. These are packed with information that you need to know, like this one. 

In Conclusion

Hooded eyes are really pretty. They instantly have a sultry look that other eye shapes simply canโ€™t pull off. You might have to make a few tweaks to a standard makeup routine, but every eye shape does. Learn more about hooded eyes here!ย 

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