hooded eyes often have extra skin above the eyelid

Hooded Eyes Definition

Hooded eyes mean that you tend to have a thicker brow bone, and you have a little bit of extra skin above your eyelid. When you open your eyes, the crease that most people have tends to disappear.

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What Causes Hooded Eyes?

In some cases, they are simply genetic. Although they are common in those with Asian in their bloodline, they are found in every ethnicity. If your parents have hooded eyelids, you’re more likely to.

Age is another factor that can contribute to hooded eyelids. As we grow older, our skin loses elasticity, which leads to it becoming a bit droopy. This alone can give you a hood if you didn’t have one before.

Not getting enough sleep can make your eyes worse. While this won’t give you hooded eyes, the additional puffiness can make putting eyeshadow on hooded eyes seem impossible.

Can You Fix Hooded Eyes?

Even if they are genetic, you can still fix them. An upper eyelid lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that lifts the additional fold of skin to make the skin tighter, essentially eliminating the hooded part. While some people opt for this surgery, there are also a lot of people that have learned how to live with their eye shape.

Do I Have Hooded Eyes?

You’ll know if you have hooded eyes. Micro liner is your favorite eyeliner, or you swear by smudge-free eyeliner products because as soon as it touches that flap of skin, your look is ruined. If you open your eyes and your crease is concealed by that piece of skin, you definitely have hooded eyes.

While this might seem like a curse, it’s a great thing that you’re learning. When you know that you have this eye shape, you can learn makeup tips and tricks to ensure that you continue to look your best. People with hooded eyelids have less eyelid to work with and need smudge free products, but you can still pull off quite a few fantastic looks.

Benefits Of Hooded Eyelids

When I first discovered makeup and that I wouldn’t be able to pull off certain looks due to my eye shape, I was beyond disappointed. However, as the years have gone by, I’ve realized there are quite a few great things about every eye shape. Although there are a lot of benefits to having hooded eyes, these are some that should make you smile:

  • You instantly wind up using great products because you have to take extra precautions against smudging
  • There is less eyelid showing, so single-color eyeshadow looks don’t look boring on you
  • If you have hooded eyes, you can get away without blending eyeshadow because no one can see the lines anyway
  • Because you have less eyelid to work with, you also need to use less of your products which will save you a ton of money in the long run

We tend to instantly realize the negative things about hooded eyes, but there are quite a few benefits that we can all appreciate. Although makeup can be a pain, having transfer proof eye makeup can make the world of difference.

Our Favorite Smudge Proof Eye Makeup

When it comes to smudge-proof eye makeup, there are quite a few products on the market that claim to be transfer-proof even though they aren’t. An hour passes and suddenly your eye makeup is smeared everywhere that it shouldn’t be. That’s where these transfer-proof makeup products truly outshine other makeup products. If you have hooded eyelids, these are makeup must-haves!

E.l.f. Cosmetics No Budge Shadow Stick ($5)

When e.l.f. says no-budge, they genuinely mean transfer proof. This shadow stick dries down quickly, so you’ll be able to enjoy transfer-proof eye makeup in under a couple of minutes. It’s perfect for one-color shadow looks if you’re on the go. However, you can blend it easily with your fingers to create gorgeous smokey eyes. This smudge-proof shadow stick is available in various colors: 

  • Perfect Pearl
  • Rose Gold
  • Magnetic Pull
  • Champagne Crystal 
  • Rich Amethyst
  • Copper Chic
  • Rose Quartz
  • Gold Goddess
  • Blue Steel

The built-in sharpener is another huge bonus! You can’t help but love multi-tasking makeup products! It’s also vegan and cruelty-free! On the e.l.f. Website, you can also find matte formulas to switch up your look. 

Check it out here!

Milani Stay Put Liquid Eyeliner ($9)

This transfer-proof, long-lasting eyeliner lives up to its claims, and it’s affordable. One review says, “This eyeliner is truly waterproof and long-lasting! I had a very VERY chaotic day a few days ago and cried my eyes out and also had a seizure. And let me say! This eyeliner didn’t budge! It lasted the whole day with no running or smudges. If you need a durable eyeliner get this one! Now! It’s cheap and truly water proof!”

Not only is it cheap, but it’s also beginner friendly. The liquid eyeliner has a slightly flexible tip to create the perfect wing, but it’s not so flexible that a beginner will get frustrated. Instead, you may have to practice a few times, but that’s about it. Milani eyeliners are some of the most raved-about drugstore eyeliners on the market because they are simply amazing! They’re also cruelty-free!

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Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray ($15)

urban decay all nighter setting spray

Keep in mind that the price for this is for the travel size. If you want a full-size bottle, it will cost about $33. This Allure beauty award winner is well worth the cost, though! It helps your makeup stay in place, including your eye makeup!

Not only will it help your look last all day long, but it will instantly make your makeup look flawless. The colors appear brighter. It helps the makeup seem to melt into your skin for a flawless look that you will fall in love with. There’s a reason that Urban Decay setting sprays are considered a holy grail!

Check it out here!

MAC Prep + Prime Eye Primer ($27)

MAC is one of America’s most trusted makeup brands, and for good reason. They maintain consistently high quality with one product after another, and if you’re looking for transfer-proof eye makeup for hooded eyes, you need high-quality products that will last. 

MAC eye primer resists both sweat and humidity. The thin formula won’t cake or crease, and it’s easy to apply. This product is versatile enough that it’s suitable for every skin type and skin tone. Not only will it help prevent creasing, but it will help your look last. As an added bonus, it makes the color of your eyeshadow appear more vibrant!

Check it out here!

In Conclusion

Hooded eyelids are eyelids with a little “hood.” They may be genetic or due to an underlying condition. However, there are quite a few great things about this eye shape, such as always having transfer free makeup on hand.

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