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How To Prevent Eyeshadow Fallout

You finish your makeup perfectly only to realize that there’s a bit of eyeshadow now on your cheekbone. Or, even worse, you have drastic eyeshadow fallout in the middle of the day. This can be a makeup nightmare if you’re at a big event, especially if you’re wearing dark eyeshadow. Thankfully, these tips can teach you everything you need to know in order to prevent eyeshadow fallout.

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What Is Eyeshadow Fallout?

This is when flecks of your eyeshadow fall off of your eyelid. They usually wind up on your cheek. If this happens after you’ve already done your foundation, it can be a mess that’s difficult to clean up. The best solution is to prevent eyeshadow fallout in the first place. If that’s not possible, take additional precautions to make sure that your cheeks aren’t covered in glittery eyeshadow.

How To Prevent/Deal With Eyeshadow Fallout

Sometimes, you’re going to have to deal with this. Certain formulas simply fall off a little bit. Even if you take precautions, you’ll still notice fallout with certain brands or eyeshadows. These tips can help your makeup look flawless, though.

Do Your Eye Makeup First

Everywhere we look it says to do your foundation and concealer first. Face makeup seems to take top priority. This is a disaster if you mess up on your eye makeup, or if your eyeshadow fallout makes your cheeks sparkly. Instead, finish your eyeshadow first. Then, simply wipe the fallout away with a makeup wipe.

Consider Using Eyeshadow Guards To Catch Eyeshadow Fallout

These easily stick to your cheeks to catch eyeshadow fallout during application. After you’re done, simply peel them off and throw them away. If you’re not a fan of waste, consider picking up some reusable eyeshadow guards that you can wash.

Utilize Your Eyeshadow Primer

Sometimes, the surface of our eyelids is the reason behind eyeshadow fallout. Make sure that you have a great eyeshadow primer on your vanity to help the sparkles stay in place. This won’t prevent all of the fallout, but it will definitely help.

Setting Spray Is Your Best Friend To Prevent Eyeshadow Fallout

Setting spray is the final step in makeup application. If you use a setting powder that is fine too. Whatever you use, don’t forget to close your eyes so that it can keep your eye makeup in place all night long.

Use A Pressing Motion When Applying Glitter Eyeshadow

Instead of swiping eyeshadow across the lid, you want to gently press it onto your eyelid. This prevents flakes of glitter from falling all over your face. It’s also the one method that is known for helping metallic and glitter eyeshadow stay put. Keep in mind that it’s not exactly full proof. There will still be a little bit of fallout during application, but it won’t be as much as you would normally see.

In Conclusion

Fallout can go hand in hand with eyeshadow, especially when you’re using glitter eyeshadow. To deal with this issue, you either need to put something under your eye to catch it or clean it up after application. Use a primer and setting spray to prevent fallout during the day.

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