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How To Use Setting Spray For Makeup

Setting spray does for makeup what hair spray does for your luxurious locks. It keeps all of your makeup in the perfect place for a flawless look that can last all day long.

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What Is Setting Spray?

This is a spray that is specially designed to hold your makeup in place. Most of them have at least a little bit of water in them to keep skin hydrated and prevent cake face. Some have formulas specifically for oily or dry skin to combat skin problems too.

If you do have oily or dry skin, it’s important that your product is made for your skin type. When it isn’t, you’ll discover that your makeup doesn’t last all day even though you used some of this.

There Are Different Finishes

What type of skin you have will determine the finish that you want to choose. Some products create a dewy finish that is similar to the effect of strobe cream. Others are mattifying, which creates a matte look.

Mattifying products are a must for anyone with oily skin. It will kill the oily sheen that your skin develops throughout the day and can help dry out excess oil. If you have oily skin, don’t get a setting spray with a dewy finish.

If you have dry skin, a dewy finish can help give your skin the little bit of glow that it’s otherwise missing. These setting sprays can provide an extra dose of hydration, too.

Make sure that you read the product description and label carefully. This is how you can tell whether a formula is designed for your skin type. Not all of them are the same.

How To Use Setting Spray

Setting spray for makeup is easy to use once you get the hang of it. Keep in mind that you want the product to cover your entire face.

Shake The Bottle

Before application, shake up the bottle. Ingredients can settle to the bottom of the bottle, making it less effective.

Close Your Eyes And Spray

Some people spray in a circle with an extra spritz in the middle. You can also spray in the shape of an X and then the shape of a T. (Both the X and T shapes are necessary to spray your entire face.) You can spray it in lines going back and forth too. As long as you spray your entire face, it doesn’t matter what shape you spritz in.

Remember that it works just like hairspray. If you only spray a portion of your hair, only that part is going to hold all day. This is what will happen if you only spray part of your face. Only a portion of your makeup will stay all day.

Use A Sponge

If you’re not a fan of the spraying method, using a makeup sponge is equally, if not more so, effective. To use this method, spray it on your makeup sponge. Then, gently press it onto your face. Your makeup will still look flawless at the end of the night.

Let It Dry

Once your face is covered, you need to let it dry. Don’t get dressed or touch your face. Instead, let it sit for at least 2-3 minutes until you are sure that it’s dry. It’s important to note that different products have different drying times.

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