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Does MAC Test On Animals?

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Mac made a splash in headlines years ago as they advocated for change and fought to raise money for causes, such as AIDs. They quickly became known for being a philanthropic makeup brand, but that came to a stop when they made headlines for another reason: animal testing. 

MAC Does Not Test Their Products On Animals Themselves

This company does not own a single animal testing facility. They don’t test their ingredients on animals, nor do any of their third-party suppliers. In fact, Mac has stated that they are against animal testing. 

Does Mac Sell Products In China?

Yes, they do, and that’s where the backlash comes from. Although this company states that they are against animal testing, they continue to sell products where they know they will be tested on animals. 

China has a policy that requires products sold in physical stores to be tested on animals before they hit the shelves. It doesn’t matter if the products are already deemed safe by other measures prior to import. China still requires animal testing, and the company is expected to pay for it beforehand. 

Products Sold Online Do Not Require Animal Testing In China

This is how so many cruelty free brands are able to sell their products to consumers in mainland China while maintaining their cruelty free certification. Although China does require animal testing, this regulation only applies when a product is sold in a brick and mortar store. The same rule does not apply if consumers choose to order a product online. So, why doesn’t MAC just sell their cosmetics online to Chinese consumers like other brands? That’s a great question that they have yet to answer, hence why they receive a lot of backlash regarding their actions. 

In Conclusion

MAC does not test its products or ingredients on animals. They do sell to mainland China even though they are aware that animal testing has to be conducted for them to sell products in Chinese stores. To learn about cruelty free brands, check out this article! 

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