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Is Dr. Brandt Cruelty Free?

No, Dr. Brandt is not cruelty free. Dr. Brandt does not test their ingredients or products on animals. However, they do sell them places where mandatory animal testing is done, such as mainland China. (In China, it is required that products be tested on animals if they are sold in stores.)

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Dr. Brandt Allows Testing On Animals

The Dr. Brandt website clearly states that they do not test on animals. However, when a company goes on to state that their products are tested on animals in countries where this is a law, they can’t claim the cruelty free status. This is because they are allowing testing to be done on animals by selling their products in stores in those countries. 

Is Dr. Brandt Skincare Vegan?

No, Dr. Brandt’s products are not all vegan. That means that some of their products can contain ingredients that come from animals. They do not have a vegan page and don’t advertise products that are vegan. They do say that most of their products are vegan, but it’s not clear which ones are. 

Is Dr. Brandt A Clean Brand?

There is, once again, a vague answer for this on the website. The Dr. Brandt blog states: 

At Dr. Brandt®, we believe clean means being clinical. Our ingredients are good for your skin, safe, and biocompatible. Every formula is dermatologist tested, clinically tested, and allergy tested, and every eye product is ophthalmologist tested. This rigorous testing ensures that our formulas are safe and that you never have to compromise your health for performance.”

They are excluding ingredients such as parabens in future products, but there is no mention on the website regarding them re-doing previous formulas to meet those same standards. 

In Conclusion

Dr. Brandt cannot be classified as a cruelty free brand because they allow their products to be sold in stores where animal testing is required by law, such as mainland China. Although some products are vegan, you can’t be sure which products are. This also applies to whether or not this is a clean brand. 


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