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Is Pixi Cruelty Free?

Yes, Pixi by Petra is cruelty free. They do not test their products on animals. The company has also stated that their ingredients and third party suppliers do not test their products on animals. 

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Pixi Cruelty Free Certification

Although Pixi has stated that they are cruelty free, and they certainly seem to meet the requirements of a cruelty free brand, they do not have a certification to back that up. That means that they are not certified by PETA, for example. 

Does Pixi Sell To China?

When a product is sold in stores in mainland China it is required that the product be tested on animals. This is why companies that sell products in physical stores in China cannot claim they are cruelty free. Pixi by Petra does not sell to stores in China. Consumers can purchase products online where animal testing is not required by law. 

Is Pixi Vegan?

Pixi does have plenty of vegan products. The brand itself is not vegan, but they have enough vegan options available that you can find what you’re looking for. A quick online search on their website will take you to all of the Pixi products that are vegan. 

Is Pixi Made In China?

Some of their products are. It’s important to note that products made in China are not required to undergo animal testing. 

Products are also made in the USA and Korea. To determine where a product is made, you have to look up each individual product online or read the label. Some labels state that products are made in the USA, Korea, or China. Another common thing we see is that some labels state made in PRC. This stands for the People’s Republic of China. It’s how they say it was made in China without saying “made in China.”

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