facial primer

What Is Primer?

Applying makeup is similar to painting a beautiful picture. You need a fresh canvas that is nice and smooth to guarantee that your painting is the definition of perfection. That’s where primer comes in handy. This is the first step in your makeup routine, and can help guarantee that your makeup lasts all day, but what is primer?

What Is Primer

Primer is applied to the face before makeup to give you a smooth, even base for makeup application. It can help minimize the appearance of pores, fill in spots and thoroughly coat the face to make sure that your makeup looks flawless. 

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How To Apply Primer

To apply a face primer, simply squirt a little bit of primer onto the back of your hand. Then, put dots of primer on your forehead, a couple of dots under your eyes, and one or two on your chin Finally, rub the primer into your skin using your fingers and a circular motion. Gently rub the primer in until your face is coated in primer. 

When Do You Apply Primer?

Primer is the step in between skincare and makeup application. After you apply your moisturizer, apply primer to your face. Then, wait a few minutes. This gives your face ample time to absorb the ingredients in the primer. You want to make sure that the product is dry too. After that, your face is ready for makeup application. 

Can You Wear A Primer By Itself?

Sure! I wear my Dr. Brandt Pores No More Primer by itself all the time. It helps reduce the appearance of my pores and gives my skin a nice little glow. However, I don’t always want a face full of makeup, so sometimes I just stick with primer for the day. 

Make Sure You Consider The Effects Of The Primer

You want to keep in mind which primer you’re using before you do this. For example, a mattifying primer might make dry skin have a dull appearance. Luminizing primers will make oily skin shine more than it does on its own. Consider how the primer acts by itself, the effect it has, and then decide if you want to do this. 

Final Thoughts

Primer is a necessary makeup product. It gives you the perfect canvas to work with so that you can have a flawless makeup look. Face primer can make your makeup last longer, too.

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