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Gluten Free Cosmetics

As we come across cruelty free and vegan brands, we come across a lot of cosmetic brands that are going gluten free. Gluten is often hiding in our eyeshadow, lipstick, and other cosmetics. There is plenty of it in skincare products. What’s the deal with gluten-free cosmetics?

I either have severe gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. Right now, I’m waiting on my tests to determine if it’s Celiac disease. My doctor says it doesn’t really matter, the treatment is the same so we’re getting started on that. One of the questions I can’t seem to find a straight answer to is whether it’s okay to wear makeup with gluten in it. 

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Do People With Celiac Disease Need Gluten Free Cosmetics?

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I found a lot of information saying that people with Celiac disease only need gluten free cosmetics that are going on or around the mouth. According to them, it’s only a problem if the gluten is ingested. There is a higher chance that it will be ingested if it is on or around the mouth. That makes sense. 

However, there are cases of people that have had a reaction or a rash when using products that have gluten. For example, a woman used a lotion with gluten in it. It’s a source of controversy because some claim that gluten is ingested, which is what causes a reaction. Others insist that the gluten is absorbed through the skin, which then causes a reaction. 

Digging down the rabbit hole a bit further revealed that there is no research to support that using products on the skin that contain gluten can cause a reaction in people with Celiac disease. However, there are also no studies to support that it doesn’t. There are plenty of people that have had reactions from using products that have gluten in them, even though they were careful not to ingest them. 

I discussed this with my doctor. I just wanted to know if I could wear an eyeshadow that had gluten in it. Or maybe some mascara. Perhaps, I could avoid throwing away over $1000 dollars of cosmetics that adorn my vanity. 

She didn’t have a specific answer, either. However, she did have an accurate one. She told me that it depends on the person. While one person may experience a reaction from using hairspray, even though it’s only used on their head, another doesn’t. She said she’s had patients that have to use only gluten free cosmetics, and some that are fine using them. The only way to find out is to see how sensitive my body is to gluten. 

Some People Definitely Need Gluten Free Cosmetics

Although that was the answer for people with Celiac disease, there are other people that can’t have gluten that should definitely use gluten free cosmetics. For example, if you have a wheat allergy you should avoid cosmetics that have gluten. Anyone with severe gluten intolerance should avoid using gluten too. 

Gluten Free Cosmetics Labelling

The problem with cosmetics is that companies are not required to label gluten free cosmetics as being gluten free. They also aren’t required to state that a product has gluten or wheat as we see at the grocery store. 

More and more companies are becoming transparent about their ingredients, though. Although they are not required to, cosmetics companies have begun to label their products as being gluten free if they do not contain gluten, which is nice. 

If a company does not label its product as being gluten free, you can check the ingredients list. This might be on the inside of the packaging. When you can’t find it, you can always email the company to ask them. 

When reading the ingredients list, beware of cosmetics that include: 

  • Wheat
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Barley
  • Avena sativa
  • Malt
  • Triticum Vulgare
  • Hordeum Vulgare
  • Secale Cereale

These ingredients mean that the product contains gluten. 

Gluten-Free Foundation

Bobbi Brown Skinwear Weightless Foundation ($52)

A full coverage, gluten-free foundation specially formulated to cover all imperfections while appearing natural. 

Why we love it: 

  • Wide shade range
  • Suitable for normal to oily skin
  • Designed to last 16 hours
  • Sweat and humidity resistant
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Helps control excess shine on oily skin without drying out the skin

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Gluten-Free Eyeshadow 

E.l.f. No Budge Shadow Stick

E.l.f. Cosmetics states that all of their products are formulated without gluten, but there may be shared equipment, so products may contain very small amounts of gluten. If you have a small gluten intolerance, you should be fine, but it’s best to talk to your dermatologist or GI doctor before using them, even though they’re included on the list. 

When it comes to shadow sticks, the No Budge Shadow Stick by e.l.f. is one of the best. 

Why we love it: 

  • You can’t beat the price
  • Glides on creamy and smooth
  • Dries quickly
  • Doesn’t budge all day
  • Available in a wide range of colors and finishes

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Gluten-Free Lipstick

NYX Suede Matte Lipstick ($9)

NYX Suede Matte Lipstick is a gluten-free lipstick available in over 30 shades to guarantee that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s important to note that this lipstick is not advertised as gluten-free, so there may be a chance of cross-contamination during production. Aside from that one thing, this lipstick is a great option. 

Why we love it: 

  • Pairs perfectly with a suede matte lip pencil
  • Glides across your lips like butter
  • Matte finish that doesn’t dry out your lips
  • Seriously pigmented

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Phyto Pigments Lip Color by Juice Beauty ($25)

Juice Beauty is known for being a fantastic organic makeup and skincare brand. Its products are also formulated without gluten! This lip color offers serious pigment, easy application, and a gorgeous range of shades. 

Why we love it: 

  • Sustainable packaging
  • Plant derived ingredients
  • Specially formulated to nourish the lips
  • Long-lasting

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The Best Gluten-Free Brow Gel

Upgraded Pencil And Brow Gel Duo by Wander Beauty ($26)

Wander Beauty isn’t a gluten-free makeup brand, and they don’t claim to be. However, they are transparent about the ingredients that are, or are not, in their cosmetics. That includes informing customers which products are gluten-free. 

This makeup product is worth considering if you’re searching for a gluten-free brow gel. The eyebrow pencil is available in three shades, and is designed to make it easy to draw tiny hairs on your brows for a naturally fuller look. After you’re done, set the look with Wander Beauty brow gel for a flawless brow look that lasts all day!

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Other Gluten-Free Makeup Brands

Any time you’re unsure about a brand or a cosmetic product, you can check out a site called SkinSafe. They analyze ingredients and can tell you if a specific product is gluten-free. It’s a great option to use while you get the hang of deciphering cosmetics labels and ingredients. 

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics states on the website: 

“Adverse reactions to gluten have never been verified after using cosmetic products, because gluten is not absorbed through the skin. To reassure our customers on the gluten issue, Benefit Cosmetics has enacted the following policies:

We no longer formulate with gluten as a cosmetic ingredient

We have high quality standards for ingredients derived from grain sources

Despite these precautions, trace levels of gluten could be present from some raw materials in all cosmetic products.

For people suffering from intolerance to gluten who choose to avoid the use of all products derived from grain sources, we recommend avoiding the following ingredients: Triticum vulgare (wheat), Avena sative, Secale cereal and Hordeum distichon.

Given our policies and the very low level of gluten residue exposure, we ensure that our cosmetic products are safe under normal and reasonable use.”

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The CoverFX website states:

“All Cover FX products are formulated without parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, talc, alkyl sulfates, phthalates, coal tar and paraffin.”

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Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty proudly advertises that its products are all gluten-free! This makes it an awesome brand if you’re searching for gluten-free cosmetics. They’re also transparent about the one product that is made with gluten-free oats, just to make sure that you don’t have an adverse reaction to their products. JuiceBeauty offers a wide range of makeup products in addition to its comprehensive skincare line.

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Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals is not a cosmetics brand, but this skincare brand is definitely worth noting. They offer a wide range of amazingly effective products. Not only are their products effective, but they are also aesthetically appealing, which we always appreciate. They have a serum or cream to cover every skincare need. 

The Herbivore Botanicals website states: 

“None of our products contain gluten or gluten-derived ingredients. Moon Fruit and Pink Cloud both contain Xanthan Gum as an emulsion stabilizer. While this ingredient is not known to cause a reaction in those with Celiac or gluten sensitivities, we like to mention it just to be extra safe.”

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Make The Best Choice For You

Everyone has to make the right choice for them. Personally, I’m going to use the cosmetics I have and see what happens. If they make my gluten rash all over my arms come back or I see it on my face, then I’ll switch them out. 

I can also understand that you might not want to take chances. If that’s the case, check out gluten free cosmetics and product reviews. There are a surprising number of cosmetic companies that are going gluten free to reach people with Celiac disease or another condition that prevents them from wearing cosmetics with gluten in them. 

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