what is eyebrow gel

What Is Eyebrow Gel?

As you browse through eyebrow products, you’re going to come across eyebrow gel. Instantly, you find yourself wondering what is eyebrow gel? Do you need brow gel? 

Eyebrow gel can be used to both give your eyebrows a full look or to help set your look in place. It’s a must have, even if you’re just learning how to do your eyebrows. It comes in a mascara like tube with a small, spoolie wand to make application easy. 

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How To Use Eyebrow Gel

You can use brow gel in multiple ways to get the look that you’re after. Whether you’re filling in your eyebrows or trying to keep them in place all day, eyebrow gel will help you get the job done. 

Filling In Your Eyebrows Using Brow Gel

To do this, you unsaturate the brush after pulling it from the tube. Use small strokes to slowly create hairs and fill in sparse parts of your eyebrow. When picking a color, make sure that you choose one as close to your natural shade as possible. A shade lighter will look great, too. 

Setting Your Look With Eyebrow Gel

They make a clear gel for this. To use a brow gel to set your look, pull the wand out of the tube. You don’t want it completely saturated, but it doesn’t matter how much product is on the tip of the wand. Then, slide it across your eyebrow. Repeat with the second eyebrow. 

When you do this, it works like hairspray but for your eyebrows. It’s an exceptional idea if you have thick eyebrows that look messy by the end of the day. The gel will hold them all in place. Waterproof brow gel will hold up through the rain, protecting your brows and even your brow pomade. 

In Conclusion

If you’re wondering what is eyebrow gel, just remember that it’s just like mascara or hairspray. If you want to fill in your brows, it works like mascara, complete with what color to choose. Those of you that want to keep your look intact need to remember that it works like hairspray. Learn more about awesome brow products here! 

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