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What Is Eyebrow Gel?

As you browse through eyebrow products, you’re going to come across eyebrow gel. Instantly, you find yourself wondering what is eyebrow gel? Do you need brow gel? 

Eyebrow gel can be used to both give your eyebrows a complete look and to help set your look in place. It’s a must-have, even if you’re learning to do your eyebrows. It comes in a mascara-like tube with a small spoolie wand to make application easy. 

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How To Use Eyebrow Gel

You can use brow gel in multiple ways to get the look you’re after. Whether filling in your eyebrows or trying to keep them in place all day, eyebrow gel will help you get the job done. 

Filling In Your Eyebrows Using Brow Gel

To do this, you unsaturate the brush after pulling it from the tube. Use small strokes to slowly create hairs and fill in sparse parts of your eyebrow. When picking a color, make sure that you choose one as close to your natural shade as possible. A shade lighter will look great, too. 

Setting Your Look With Eyebrow Gel

They make a clear gel for this. To use a brow gel to set your look, pull the wand out of the tube. You don’t want it completely saturated, but it doesn’t matter how much product is on the wand’s tip. Then, slide it across your eyebrow. Repeat with the second eyebrow. 

When you do this, it works like hairspray but for your eyebrows. It’s an exceptional idea if you have thick eyebrows that look messy by the end of the day. The gel will hold them all in place. Waterproof brow gel will hold up through the rain, protecting your brows and even your brow pomade. 

Best Brow Gels

There are so many brow gels on the market that it can be hard to find one that meets your needs. If you’re just now learning what brow gel is, you need something that both meets your needs and is beginner friendly. We’ve scoured all of the hottest brands to make the most comprehensive list of eyebrow gels, guaranteeing that you can find something your brows are going to love! They’re also beginner friendly!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel ($9-22)

Anastasia Beverly Hills made her claim to fame with her fantastic brow products. Now, the makeup line from Anastasia Beverly Hills has expanded to include something in every category, but her brow gels are still some of the best. 

This clear brow gel is ideal if you want to lock your look in place or you need to tame a few straggly hairs. The transparent color ensures that no one will be able even to tell that you’re wearing it. However, it also packs serious staying power so your brows will appear perfectly maintained all day long. 

You can pick it up in a mini size to try it out for $9. The full-size version is available for $22. 

Check it out here!

Covergirl Easy Breezy Brow Setting Gel In Clear ($5-10)

If you need something to tame a few hairs and that’s budget-friendly, this drugstore brow gel is right up your alley. The small spoolie delivers a precise amount of product to keep your brows maintained all day. 

The average price is $10, but you can usually find it on sale at Amazon for a mere $5. 

This brow gel from Covergirl goes slightly beyond the basics. It is infused with argon oil to help nourish brows for healthy brows and less dry skin underneath your eyebrow. Biotin is included in the formula to promote brow growth, making this an excellent option for anyone that wants fuller brows. 

Check it out here!

Gimme Brow Tinted + Volumizing Brow Gel by Benefit Cosmetics ($14-24)

If you’re wondering what is brow gel, it’s important to note that tinted brow gel is designed to help fill in brows. This product, in particular, is designed to help you if you have sparse brows and want a fuller look. The tint helps fill in your brows, while the powerful formula makes brows appear visibly fuller. 

One of the things that we love about this brow gel is that so many shades are available! It can be a pain to find products to suit lighter-colored or blonde brows, but Benefit Cosmetics thought of that. There are 14 shades available to ensure that you can find one that looks natural. 

Why else we love it: 

  • Available in a travel size for $14
  • Looks natural
  • Water-resistant
  • Designed to last all day long
  • Buildable if you need more product than a quick swipe

Check it out here!

WOW Brow Gel By e.l.f. Cosmetics ($5)

This tinted brow gel is the affordable price that you need with the natural-looking brows that you want. It’s specially infused with ingredients like hair-like fibers to help the formula cling to your brow hairs, instantly delivering the appearance of fuller looking brows. 

Why we love it: 

  • The unique wax-gel formula delivers impressive results
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • It can be used alone or as a brow gel to seal in your look
  • It lasts all day long

It’s available in four shades to help you find something that complements your brow color. 

Check it out here!

Urban Decay Inked Brow Gel ($26)

Urban Decay is another brand known for creating one holy grail product after another, and their brow gel has received rave reviews. If you’re new to brow gel, this product is worth considering. The tiny tapered brush delivers the ideal amount of pigment to create small, natural-looking hairs. It gives you more precision when sculpting your brows than a spoolie, which most people enjoy. 

Why we love it: 

  • Available in seven shades
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge-resistent
  • Perspiration-resistent
  • Designed to last for up to 60 hours
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan

You can use this brow gel alone, and it won’t smudge away, or top it with a clear brow gel to make sure that your look lasts. 

Check it out here!

In Conclusion

If you’re wondering what is eyebrow gel, remember that it’s just like mascara or hairspray. If you want to fill in your brows, it works like mascara, complete with what color to choose. Those who want to keep their look intact need to remember that it works like hairspray. Learn more about excellent brow products here! 

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