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Powder Foundation Vs. Liquid Foundation

As you browse through makeup products, you’ll come across quite a few different foundations. Some people swear by powder foundation while others insist on liquid foundation. Which one you choose depends on what you’re looking for in a foundation. 

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Foundation

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Before you decide which foundation is right for you, it’s important to decide what you’re looking for in a foundation. You’ll need to consider your skin type and what finish you want as well. Taking the time to think about this will guarantee that you get the perfect foundation for the look you want. 

Your Skin Type

While some foundations work wonderful for oily skin, others are going to be a cakey mess. Before you pick a foundation, make sure that you know what your skin type is. 


If you’re attempting to hide dark spots and pimples, you typically want a full coverage foundation. Full coverage foundation is typically used in glam makeup looks and tutorials. However, for a more natural look, most people choose a foundation that offers a light or medium coverage. 

Desired Finish

If you want a dewy finish, this is best achieved with liquid foundations. Powder foundations just don’t have the same dewy effect. However, if you have oily skin it’s best to stick with a matte finish. 

Liquid Foundation Pros vs. Cons

liquid foundation pros cons

Liquid foundation remains a popular choice. It’s easy to apply and comes with quite a few benefits that are worth noting. Don’t forget to also consider the downsides when choosing which foundation is right for you and your skin type. 


Easy Application

Most liquid foundations have a silicone base that makes them blend flawlessly into the skin for a seamless finish that you’re bound to love. They can be applied with your favorite beauty blender or with a brush. Either way, they’ll look amazing. 

Additional Ingredients Included

Most liquid foundation products come with additional ingredients, such as moisturizers and SPF to give your skin an extra dose of both hydration and protection. While powder foundations occasionally have a few extra ingredients, you’re not likely to find a lot of powder foundations with SPF in them. 

Liquid Foundation Is Buildable

When it comes to providing a base for the rest of your makeup, powder foundation cannot compete with liquid foundation. Liquid foundation products are designed to be buildable so that you can complete the rest of your makeup look without having to worry about your foundation messing it up. 

Wide Variety Of Finishes Available

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a dewy finish or a matte one,  you can find it in a liquid foundation. 

Different Coverage Levels 

You can find liquid foundation in a light coverage all the way to the other end of the spectrum at full coverage. 

Suitable For Different Skin Types

Regardless of your skin type, most liquid foundations will work fine. However, if you have oily skin or an oily T zone, avoid foundations that have a lot of oily ingredients. It can make your skin more oily and cause pimples. 


Not The Best For A Matte Finish

While you can find a matte finish in a liquid foundation, it’s not going to be the same as using a powder foundation for a matte finish. Powder foundations are always better at giving you a matte finish. 

Can Look Wet Due To Oil Or Sweat

If you’re spending the day outside in the middle of summer, you might want to consider powder foundation. As the day wears on, you will notice that your makeup looks wet due to sweat. 

Powder Foundation Pros vs. Cons

pressed powder foundation

Powder foundation is available in a loose or pressed powder. It comes in the same wide range of shades that liquid foundation does, but it’s not quite as versatile. 


Great For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin and are looking for light to medium coverage, powder foundation can be your new best friend. The powder is exceptional at absorbing excess oil without looking cakey. Just remember not to use too much. A little goes a long way. 

Your Go To For Hot Days

Powder foundation is not only great at absorbing oil, it works wonders for sweat too. If you’re planning on being outside most of the day during the summer, go with a powder foundation. 

Great For All Skin Types

It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, you can trust that powder foundation won’t be too harsh on your skin. However, people with dry skin will want to make sure that they purchase a foundation with moisturizing properties. 


Applied Using A Large Powder Brush

If your beauty blender is your favorite makeup tool, you’re going to have to put it up to wear powder foundation. This type of foundation is best applied with a powder brush. Nothing else seems to work as well as those large brushes do. 

Doesn’t Usually Have The Same Coverage As Liquid Foundation

There are powder foundations on the market that offer full coverage. However, these don’t seem to have the same coverage that liquid foundations do. They simply don’t. 

Not The Best At A Dewy Finish

While you can find a dewy finish in a powder foundation, powders simply don’t pull off the same look as liquid foundations do in this category. 

Which One Should You Pick?

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I’m a big fan of having multiple foundations in your arsenal. Then, you can wear the one that suits you for the day. However, if you’re only going to pick one, go with a liquid foundation for full coverage if you don’t have oily skin. If you have oily skin, powder foundation is a must. Those of you looking for a more natural look will also want to go with powder foundation.

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