12 Benefits Of Taking A Break From Makeup

Makeup can instantly help hide imperfections for a flawless appearance that we all enjoy. As with anything, too much of something is always a bad thing. Wearing a full face of glam makeup daily can actually wreak havoc on your skin, causing problems like wrinkles, premature aging, and pimples. 

Sometimes, your skin needs a break from the toxic things that you’re shoving inside your pores. It’s okay. I shove toxic things in my pores too. However, you and your skin need a break. When you call it quits with makeup for a little bit, you’ll enjoy quite a few benefits. 

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What Happens When You Take A Break From Makeup

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Four months ago, I was very ill. I have either celiac disease or severe gluten intolerance. I won’t find out which one it is for another month. After discovering this, I quit wearing makeup as I tried to navigate my way through the world of gluten free makeup. During the period in which I wasn’t sick but still wasn’t wearing makeup yet, I discovered quite a few benefits to taking a break from makeup. 

1. Your skin will rebalance

Makeup and other products, like cleansers, are packed with toxic ingredients, dyes, parabens, etc. Over time, these disrupt the natural production of oils. You may find that you didn’t have oily skin before but suddenly do. 

When you take a break from makeup, your skin has a chance to rebalance itself. You may find that you have more oily skin in the beginning, but as time goes on, your skin will return to its natural, healthy state. 

2. Minimize the appearance of pores

When you wear a lot of makeup daily, it can clog your pores. Even the best facial cleansers might not get all of the makeup residues out of your pores. This causes them to open more in an attempt to get rid of it, which makes your pores appear larger. When you give them a break, they will close more, which will make them appear smaller. 

3. Fewer breakouts

When your pores are clogged and they can’t get rid of the gunk in them, it leads to pimples. Even if you don’t have breakouts, you’re more likely to get a giant zit. Giving your pores time to cleanse themselves will help prevent those embarrassing pimples. 

4. Fewer wrinkles around the eyes

When you tug on your eyelid to apply eyeliner or eye makeup, you’re stretching out the most delicate skin on your face. Over time, this can cause wrinkles. Giving your skin a much needed break can have anti-aging effects. 

5. It gives you a chance to go through your makeup

If your makeup vanity has hundreds of products on it, there’s a really good chance that at least some of them are expired by now. For example, that lip gloss you bought two years ago but have since forgotten about and never wear. You don’t open the tube, so you have no idea that it smells rank. When you aren’t busy applying makeup, you will finally get your makeup collection properly sorted through. 

6. More time in the morning

When you don’t have to do a makeup routine in the morning, you find that you have more time. For some of us, that means an extra five minutes to relax. For others, it might mean an extra hour or two in the morning. You’ll quickly discover that you don’t always have to let your makeup routine take over your life. 

7. More relaxing night time routine

When you don’t have to remove your makeup at the end of the night, you’ll find that you have a more relaxing night time routine. There’s no scrubbing off makeup before you wash your face or getting all the glitter off your eyelids. No dealing with eyeliner that doesn’t seem to come off but simply smears across your face. Instead, you can simply wash 

8. You can figure out makeup allergies and irritants

Common ingredients that are supposed to be good for you, such as Vitamin E oil, can actually dry out your skin. However, if you’ve been using makeup for years, you probably just concluded that you have dry skin. When you take a break from makeup, allow your skin to rebalance, and then use one product at a time you can determine what is causing the redness or irritation. 

9. Fewer bacteria on your face

Most of us don’t wash our makeup brushes and beauty blenders after every use as we should. We try to, but it just doesn’t happen. When you take a break from makeup, you’ll have time to thoroughly disinfect them like they desperately need, and you’ll have fewer bacteria on your face because you aren’t using dirty makeup brushes. 

10. More confidence with your natural appearance

I fill in my eyebrows every day. There’s that sparse part on the ends that simply doesn’t look good sitting next to the rest of my eyebrows because they are so full. 

When I went makeup free, that meant no more doing my eyebrows. At first, I felt really self conscious. As the days went on, that seemed to slowly fade away. Now, I still fill in my eyebrows, but I’m okay with leaving the house in a hurry and filling them in when I get back too. I simply do not feel as self conscious about it like I used to. 

11. You save money

Let’s face it. Makeup is expensive. When you aren’t wearing makeup, you’re saving a drastic amount of money. 

12. Brighter skin

We all love brighter skin. Products like strobe cream are so popular because they instantly fix dull skin. However, the secret to brighter skin can be as simple as going for a few weeks without makeup. 

Makeup can dehydrate your skin. Over time, you’ll find that you have dry skin. Dehydrated, dry skin has a dull appearance. A makeup detox can help your skin look brighter and eliminate the need for strobe creams. This article will help you learn even more about skincare!

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