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Lip Exfoliation: How To And Should You?

If you’re wondering “how to exfoliate my lips” you’ve probably stumbled across this article trying to get rid of dry, chapped lips. Exfoliating your lips isn’t always a great idea if they’re already chapped, but lip exfoliation can work wonders at preventing dry, chapped lips. 

I’m not talking about scrubbing your lips with a toothbrush, either. I’m talking about great ways to genuinely exfoliate your lips so that they stay kissably smooth all winter long. 

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Exfoliate Lips Meaning

Exfoliating your lips means removing dry, flaky skin. It helps to restore the natural balance of your lips. There are plenty of DIY methods for lip exfoliation, but it’s important to do it properly to make sure that you’re not causing more harm than good. 

Should You Exfoliate Your Lips?

exfoliate lips

Yes, you should. Everyone should exfoliate their lips. Our lips don’t naturally have oil releasing glands to keep the skin soft and dry as our face does. This is why they are prone to becoming dry and chapped during extreme weather conditions, such as when it’s too hot or too cold. We usually wind up licking our lips to keep them moisturized, but too much of that can be a bad thing too. Over time, too much licking your lips can actually make them drier than they already are, encouraging flaky skin. 

However, you also have to keep in mind the lip exfoliation controversy. According to another man, Dr. Dennis Gross, you should take steps to repair the outer layer of skin on your lips. When we exfoliate, we’re simply scrubbing it off. Personally, if there are chunks of what appears to be dead skin on my lips, I’m happy with it coming off and starting over. I’m not tossing out the idea of lip scrubs. 

It is worth noting what he said. Perhaps we don’t need to constantly exfoliate our lips. Instead of tossing out the idea of exfoliation, I think we should combine the two ideas. Yes, exfoliate if your lips need it. However, don’t assume that dry skin means you need to exfoliate your lips. Hydrate from within and take other measures to help prevent and heal chapped lips, too. 

Benefits Of Lip Exfoliation

Not only should you exfoliate your lips as part of a lip care routine, but there are also some serious benefits both health and beauty-wise that you can enjoy with regular lip exfoliation. 

Your Lips Will Look Better

When you get rid of the dead skin on top of your lips, your lips will instantly look better. Lip exfoliation can give you smooth, luscious lips that are kissably soft. 

Lip Exfoliation Can Help Your Lipstick Last Longer

Because you have a smooth canvas of velvet to apply your lipstick on, you can trust that it’s not going to smudge away as quickly. Not only will it last longer, but it will also look better. Forget lipstick or gloss falling into the cracks of dry lips when you take the time for lip exfoliation. 

Improve Discoloration

As you get rid of the dead skin cells that are on the top layer of your lips, you’re also helping to eliminate the dark spots that are also on the top layers of your lips. While you slowly exfoliate skin away, new skin keeps growing. Eventually, you’ll have even colored lips!

Lip Exfoliation Can Help Hydrate Your Lips

When you exfoliate away the dead layer of skin that is on top of your lips, the lip products that you do use will be much more effective. You’ll notice that moisturizing lip balms will actually start working. Your lips will both look and feel better. 

How To Remove Dead Skin From Lips

If you have a small amount of dead skin, exfoliating can eliminate the dead skin. That’s not always the case. Sometimes, my lips peel during the winter. There is just one long string of dead skin that I am dying to rip off. It’s impossible to heal that. 

Don’t rip it off. You can accidentally rip off parts of your lip that are not dry, dead or damaged. This will cause more damage. Instead, get out a pair of brow scissors. These tiny scissors are perfect for cutting off that tiny piece of dead skin. Eyebrow scissors are designed to be small, which means that you’re less likely to accidentally cut your lip. 

Are Lip Scrubs Bad For Your Lips?

They are if you do not use them properly. If you over exfoliate or are too rough when using a lip scrub, it can cause damage to the lips. Lips are more prone to damage than other areas of the skin, so they can tear or rip easier. You can also cause damage that results in your lips appearing brown instead of red if you over exfoliate. When used properly, you can safely use lip scrubs. 

How To Exfoliate Lips

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Exfoliating your lips can be done in as little as a few minutes per day. First, you want to make sure that your lips are clean. There should not be a single trace of lipstick or lip gloss on them. After that, gently rub your lip exfoliant in small circles across your lips. Don’t apply too much pressure. You’re removing dead skin on top of the lips. It’s easy to push down hard and accidentally damage your lips. Then, wipe off excess lip exfoliant with a tissue or a soft cloth. Microfiber clothes work well. 

Finally, swipe some lip balm across your lips to protect them from future damage. You do not have to put on lip balm after you’re done exfoliating, but it is recommended to prevent chapped lips. 

How Often Should You Exfoliate Lips?

While exfoliating your lips is a great idea, too much of anything can be a bad thing. When you exfoliate your lips too much, it can make the skin crack. This will give you dry, cracked lips that are more damaged than they were in the first place. Use lip scrubs a maximum of once per week. 

How To Exfoliate Lips At Home

There are quite a few different ways to exfoliate your lips at home. You can find everything from DIY rose petal exfoliant recipes to the simplest lip sugar scrubs. Some people still prefer the toothbrush method, too. Take your time, and select a method of lip exfoliation that works well for you. 

Lip Scrubs

Lips scrubs are the most common way to exfoliate your lips. You can make a simply DIY lip scrub with equal parts of oil and sugar. Purchasing premade lip scrubs is another common idea. This one is easy to use, offers quite a few benefits, and it’s affordable. 

Honey And Sugar Lip Scrub

Honey and sugar lip scrubs are always popular. That’s because honey is nourishing, gentle on the skin, and it’s edible. You don’t have to worry about putting toxic ingredients on your lips with this easy DIY lip scrub. However, honey can be a bit sticky, so you’ll need to keep that in mind when it is time to wipe it off. 

Sugar Lip Scrub

Sugar lip scrubs are everyone’s favorite DIY lip scrub. You can use either brown sugar or white sugar. Typically, the sugar is mixed with an emollient, such as oil or honey. Then, you can add other ingredients if you would like to, such as essential oils. 

How To Exfoliate Lips With Toothbrush

This method isn’t typically recommended by dermatologists. That’s because it is very easy to accidentally over-exfoliate your lips this way. The goal is to exfoliate away the dead skin on top, but nothing more. Over-exfoliation from using a toothbrush has become common because it makes your lips appear more red or pink, but that’s because it’s causing damage. If you want to exfoliate lips with a toothbrush, make sure that you take extra care to avoid over exfoliation. 

First, rub your favorite oil on your lips. For example, coconut or jojoba oil. Emollient oils are ideal for this. Then, using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently rub the toothbrush in circles across your lips. Being gentle and using a soft-bristled toothbrush is the perfect way to do this without damaging your lips. 

How To Exfoliate Lips At Home With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has moisturizing properties. Simply rubbing it on your lips will give them a much needed dose of hydration during the harsh winter months. The oil itself is not going to exfoliate your lips, though. For exfoliation, mix sugar and coconut oil in equal amounts to create a DIY lip scrub. 

Other Ways To Exfoliate Lips Without Lip Scrubs Or A Toothbrush

You don’t have to go with a classic DIY sugar lip scrub or toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. You can also make your own lip scrub with rose petals and milk for gentle exfoliation. Check out this article for the complete recipe! 

How To Make Your Own DIY Lip Scrub

diy lip scrub

There are plenty of wonderful lip scrubs on the market. If you’re more prone to awesome DIY products, you can make your own. Most DIY lip scrub recipes call for things that are in your pantry! 

Basic DIY Sugar Scrub

½ teaspoon coconut oil ( you can also use other oil)

½ teaspoon honey

3 teaspoons white sugar

Simply mix the ingredients together in a small bowl. Then, apply the lip scrub in gentle circular motions to your lips. Next, wipe off the remaining lip exfoliant and you’re done! 

How To Create Your Own DIY Lip Scrub Recipe

Every lip scrub has two basic ingredients for the base: an oil, honey, or other liquid and an exfoliant. 

First, choose your oil or honey. Some great ideas are: 

  • Raw, organic honey
  • Raw, organic coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Olive oil 

If you’re not a fan of using either oil or honey, you can also use: 

  • Milk
  • Water

Next, you want to add your exfoliant ingredient. Examples include: 

  • White sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Oatmeal
  • Rose petals (soaked for three hours and then crushed)
  • Epsom salts

It’s important to note that salt scrubs are generally harsher on the skin than sugar scrubs. That’s why they are generally more popular as body scrubs. Some people choose to mix both salt and sugar for lip scrubs. Others swear by a salt scrub. Do not use a salt scrub on your lips if you have sensitive lips. 

After you have your two base ingredients, you can add other ingredients. For example: 

  • Food coloring to make a colored lip scrub
  • Essential oils for a delicious smell and to add extra benefits
  • Cocoa powder
  • Cocoa butter
  • Ground coffee
  • Mashed berries
  • Almond oil
  • Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin pie spice
  • Mashed bananas

If you do choose to use food, it’s important to note that the lip scrub will go bad sooner as the ingredients expire. You should store the lip scrub the same way you would store whatever food you used. DIY lip scrubs typically expire long before store-bought scrubs because they do not have the same preservatives in them. 

Basic sugar lip scrubs should be kept in a cool, dry place. Homemade lip scrubs made with just sugar and oil will last longer than those made with food or other herbs. These usually keep for about a year, but it does depend on the ingredients used and how it is stored. Proper storage can help you make your DIY lip scrub last longer. 

Our Recommended Lip Exfoliators

All lip exfoliators are not created the same. You’ll discover some great products shaped like lipstick for easy application. Other lip exfoliating products come in a small jar, and there are plenty of different ingredients to choose from. These are some of our favorite lip exfoliators on the market!

E.l.f. Lip Exfoliator ($5)

This holy grail from e.l.f. Cosmetics makes it easy to exfoliate your lips in a few minutes! Rub the lipstick-shaped exfoliator across your lips, and wipe it off! It’s available in: 

  • Brown sugar
  • Sweet cherry
  • Mint maniac
  • Coconut

Why We Love It

It’s beyond affordable and easy to use, but that’s not all we love about it!

  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Easily portable
  • Moisturizing thanks to avocado oil
  • Gentle on your lips
  • Nourishes and protects lips 

Check it out here!

Sugar Lip Scrub Exfoliator by Fresh US ($18)

This sugar lip scrub helps gently scrub the lips clean while nourishing them for a smooth look and feel, making it critical for prepping your lips! 

Why We Love It

  • Luxurious packaging
  • Jojoba oil makes lips feel like silk
  • Suitable for use 2-3 times per week
  • Gentle on lips
  • Lip exfoliator leaves your pout perfectly moisturized

Check it out here!

Lip Care Duo + Lip Scrubber by Beyond Polish ($32)

This lip care duo by Beyond Polish goes beyond the basics. A nourishing sugar lip scrub gently exfoliates the lips, buffing them to a silky smooth finish. Then, the lip balm nourishes, hydrates and protects your pout for kissably smooth lips that last all day long. You can find it in: 

  • Pink Champagne
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Peach
  • Watermelon
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Peppermint Mocha
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • Birthday Cake

And many more delicious flavors/scents!

Why We Love It

The amazing scents are just one of the great things about this product. We love how this lip exfoliator leaves your lips perfectly smooth. That’s not all we love about it though!

  • A little goes a long way
  • Gentle formula doesn’t feel abrasive on the lips
  • Lip balm is thin enough to be lightweight, but thick enough to protect lips
  • Packages can include an amazing lip scrubber

Check it out here!

Honorable Mentions

A list of lip scrubs wouldn’t be complete without these! Haven’t found what you want yet? Check them out!

In Conclusion

Whether you choose to use a lip scrub or believe that you need one, is entirely up to you. If you want to exfoliate your lips, make sure you use a gentle method with a gentle exfoliator. DIY lip scrubs are always fun to make! For more tips on making your lips look fabulous, check out this article! 

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