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Does Concealer Cause Acne?

Does concealer cause acne? The concealer itself does not cause acne. Acne is caused by several factors, including oil production, bacteria, and hormones. Concealer does not affect any of those. However, it does make you more prone to breakouts if you’re already prone to having them in the first place. 

However, makeup itself can make you more prone to breakouts because it can clog the pores. There are a few things you can do to make it less likely, though. 

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Prevent Pimples Naturally

When you have acne, there are several things that can contribute to it. One of those things includes oil production. Oil production can go into overdrive when you have dehydrated skin. Try to prevent breakouts naturally by drinking plenty of water. Eat a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. The extra antioxidants and water can help prevent breakouts. Check out this article for more tips on how to prevent acne. 

Oily Concealer Can Make Your Acne Worse

Whether or not your concealer is causing your acne really depends on what concealer you’re using. Some concealers are oil based. That means that they are more likely to clog your pores and give you some nasty breakouts. Check out the ingredient list or do a quick Google search to determine whether your concealer is behind your latest breakout. 

What Is Non-comedogenic Makeup

Makeup makes you more prone to breakouts because it can clog your pores. When your pores are clogged, it makes it more difficult for your skin to replenish itself as it should. That’s where non-comedogenic makeup comes in. There is noncomedogenic makeup such as foundation, and concealer. 

Non-comedogenic makeup is makeup that is specially formulated to help prevent pores from being blocked, and from you getting acne because of blocked pores. Instead, these products are not as harsh on your skin. If you’re prone to acne, make sure that your products are noncomedogenic. Check out this article for more concealer tips! 

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