Can You Put Makeup On A Sunburn

The great thing about makeup is that there are no rules. So, when you wonder can you put makeup on a sunburn, it’s an easy yes. You can do whatever you want to. However, you probably shouldn’t. Sunburn is the result of damaged skin. Your skin needs time to heal, and makeup is not going to help it heal. However, you’re probably going to anyway, so these tips will help you out and prevent further damage to your skin. 

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Use Gentle Application Methods

This isn’t the time for rough stippling techniques to apply your foundation. Instead, try to use your beauty blender and other soft makeup tools for the time being. Rough application techniques will irritate your skin further, and make it redder. 

Don’t Forget Your Moisturizer

Moisturizer is an essential part of every skincare routine. It’s especially important if your skin is already damaged. Damaged skin is typically dry skin. The thickness of the moisturizer can also help protect your skin a tiny bit. It won’t offer a high level of protection, but every little bit helps. 

Use Mineral Makeup When Putting Makeup On Sunburn

The fewer chemicals you put on your face the less irritating they will be. Consider using natural makeup or mineral makeup to prevent further irritation. You want to use gentle products.

Makeup On Sunburn Should Be Removed Gently

When you are removing your makeup, you don’t want to tug at the skin. Instead, stick with gentle removal methods that don’t involve wiping the same area over and over. Coconut oil works exceptionally well at removing makeup, including waterproof eyeliner. Simply spread a thin layer of coconut oil on your face, and then wipe it off to remove makeup. Next, use a damp microfiber washcloth to wipe away the remaining coconut oil. 

So, Can You Put Makeup On Sunburnt Skin

I know, I said not to do it and then gave you tips to do it anyway. If you can go without it, you should. When that’s simply not an option, use these tips to minimize damage and irritation. The only time you should never apply makeup to a sunburn is if there is a blister. Check out this article to learn more about how to deal with your sunburn! 

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