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How To Make Highlighter Look Natural

While we all love a great pop of color, some highlighters look a bit too shimmery. They give you a bit too much radiance. If that’s the case, you want to learn how to make highlighter look natural. These simple and easy tips will help you dull a little bit of that shine so that you have a natural radiance. 

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Mix Liquid Highlighter With Foundation

Most people do this to achieve an all over glow on their faces. Another benefit is that the foundation tends to dilute the highlighter, making it less shiny. It will provide the perfect balance to make highlighter look natural. 

Ignore Instagram

We all love Instagram. Makeup on social media is eye catching and always looks flawless. However, makeup in pictures doesn’t always portray what you should look like in real life. That shimmery look of a celebrity on the red carpet suits the event, but it doesn’t suit soccer practice. Instead of focusing on what their makeup looks like, focus on the look that you want for yourself and your life. 

Don’t Use Shimmery Highlighter

Some highlighters are like spreading a nice dusting of glitter all over your face. While they are fun to play with, and can definitely give you a glowing face, they don’t look natural. Instead, stick with products that don’t boast of having a shimmery finish when you can find them. 

Make Highlighter Look Natural With Your Beauty Blender

Using a blending sponge to apply a highlighter will help it blend into your foundation and your skin better. This will give you a natural glow. You don’t want it to be too obvious where you put the highlighter. 

Dab Instead Of Drawing A Line

It’s common for people to draw a line with a highlighter and then blend it in. Don’t do this. You can tell where you put the first line, and it doesn’t look natural. (It does look great, just not natural.) Instead, put a small dot on the highest point of your cheekbone, and then blend using your makeup sponge. 

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