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Is Bronzer Necessary?

Is bronzer necessary? There are so many different makeup products, you can’t help but wonder whether you really need them all. Bronzer is one such product. If you’re wondering is bronzer necessary, you can rest assured that it is not. However, you might want to consider keeping one on hand if you want to achieve certain looks. 

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Is Bronzer Necessary: What Does Bronzer Do

Bronzer in makeup is supposed to give your face a sunkissed, tan look. Because of that, it’s more popular in the summer when most people want to look more tan. It can be found in shimmer formulas for a touch of radiance, too. It works in a similar manner to highlighter but adds a touch of tan instead of white or pink as most highlighters do. 

To achieve this look, you want to apply bronzer to the areas of the face where the sun hits. These are typically the high points of your face, such as your chin, nose, and cheeks. Some people prefer to apply a light dusting of bronzer all over their face and neck, which is also acceptable. Remember, there are no rules in makeup. 

Can Bronzer Be Used As Contour

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This is the reason why a lot of people keep a matte bronzer or a matte bronzer stick on hand. Instead of using a contour pallet or picking up an additional product for contouring, they simply use bronzer. This is now called brontouring. Morphe even released a product specifically called brontour so that people can use it as both. 

In Conclusion

If you do not want a sun kissed glow, to look more tan, and have no intention of learning how to contour, you have no use for bronzer. So, is bronzer necessary? For some, yes. For others, it’s a waste of space. Look at what you want to do, and decide if bronzer is right for you. Check out this article for more bronzer tips! 

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