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Is Powder Foundation Better For Summer?

Is powder foundation better for summer? Yes, it is. Powder foundation is definitely better for summer. It has a unique formula that offers benefits during hot, humid months that liquid and cream foundations simply do not. 

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Powder Foundation Tends To Last Longer

Powder foundation is better for summer because it tends to sit on top of your skin instead of benign absorbed into the skin. That helps it last longer than other formulas. During hotter months, makeup tends to wear away faster than it normally does, making powder foundation a must-have for hot, humid months. 

Powder Foundation Absorbs Oil

Not only does this formula last longer than most liquids or creams, but it is also known for absorbing oil. Even if you don’t have oily skin, you’re bound to sweat when it’s hot outside as the rest of us. Your powder foundation will quickly absorb that sweat to leave you with a nice glow instead of makeup streaking down your face. 

Easier Touch Ups Make It Better For Summer

Powder foundation offers easier touch-ups than liquid foundation does. You can simply pat some pressed powder on your face so that it can absorb the sweat on your face if you notice that you’re a bit too shiny. It doesn’t work the same way when you’re wearing a liquid foundation. 

Watch Out If You Have Mature Skin

While there are quite a few things that make powder foundation better in the summer, there is one major downfall if you have a few fine lines and wrinkles. This type of foundation is known for settling into those fine lines. Powder foundation combined with sweat can be a recipe for disaster for you, so it’s best to apply it lightly and see how it goes for a day before deciding that this is your go-to option for the hotter months. Bare Minerals powder foundation is a great choice for both summer and mature skin! 

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