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Not Removing Makeup: The Consequences Of Sleeping In Makeup

I’ve been there before. It’s late, and you’re tired. So you didn’t bother removing your makeup. In my defense, I was out of makeup remover wipes and just said to hell with it. Then, you wake up the next morning and start to panic a little bit.

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There are so many things to know about the consequences of not removing makeup. Dermatologists warn of the dangers of sleeping in makeup. You instantly start to regret not doing a proper skincare routine. However, you’re more than likely not going to have a massive breakout after one night of sleeping in your makeup. There can be some side effects you’ll have to deal with the next day. 

Sleeping In Makeup Once Can Cause Eye Infections

When you fall asleep in your makeup, it can slowly seep into your eye. The one time I fell asleep with a full face of makeup on, my eyes were very irritated the next day. They were sore and itchy. The whites of my eyes were slightly red. Thankfully, it wasn’t worse. However, some people are not so lucky. You can wind up with a wicked eye infection from sleeping in eye makeup. 

Not Removing Makeup Daily Can Cause Skin Problems

There are quite a few things you’re going to have to deal with via your skin if you don’t properly remove your makeup at night. Your skin heals itself at night. It slowly cleans the gunk out of your pores and helps you look refreshed in the morning. If your pores are full of foundation, that’s not going to happen. You’ll look fatigued no matter how great you slept. 

Because your skin cannot renew itself at night as it should be able to, you will show signs of aging sooner from sleeping in makeup. That means fine lines, fatigue, and even dark circles or age spots. 

You’ll also be more prone to breakouts and blackheads if you’re not removing makeup. Your skin will constantly be full of makeup. That means that your pores can’t clean out the bacteria like they should be able to. Instead, it will sit inside of your pores until it forms a large, infected pimple. 

Sleeping In Makeup Makes Your Skin Dull

When we cleanse our face, we wash away dirt and grime in addition to the makeup. If you’re not properly cleansing your face or at the very least wipe away your makeup, all of that is pressed against and into your skin all night. Because your skin can’t properly regenerate itself, it won’t look vibrant in the morning. Instead, you’ll find yourself layering on the brightening serums in an attempt to have a glowing complexion. 

Not Removing Makeup Can Cause A Rash

When you leave makeup on all night, it can do much more than make your eyes irritated. It can also irritate your skin. The more sensitive your skin is, the worse the rash can be. If you notice that your skin is both red and inflamed, and you haven’t been cleansing your skin at night, that could be the problem. 

In Conclusion

Not removing your makeup or sleeping in makeup can have quite a few unpleasant consequences. The longer you leave your makeup on, the worse it’s going to get. While makeup remover wipes should not replace proper cleansing, they are better than nothing if you’re just too tired to wash your face or forget to take off your makeup. These makeup wipes are both effective and affordable! 

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