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The Best Home Remedies For Dry Skin On Feet

Sometimes, I’m simply prone to dry skin. This is particularly true during the cold winter months. I get patches on my arms. My lips are more likely to get chapped. I can also get dry skin on my feet. These are some of my favorite home remedies to keep my feet hydrated and beautiful all winter long. 

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Vaseline And Thick Socks One Of The Best Home Remedies For Dry Skin On Feet

This home remedy for dry skin on feet can feel a little bit gross, but it’s one of the best ways to get rid of cracked heels fast. Before going to bed, layer a thick coating of Vaseline or petroleum jelly onto your feet. Then, put on a pair of thick socks to keep it there. It will feel like you have jelly on your feet. However, you’ll notice a big difference when morning comes. 

Moisturize Frequently

As the day goes on, take some time out to rub lotion on your feet. Do this before work, on your lunch break, and again after work. Making sure that your feet are moisturized can go a long way in preventing dry skin on your feet before it starts. 

Stay Hydrated

Heeling dry skin on feet can start from the inside. You want to make sure that you’re hydrated from the inside out. (This is one of my biggest problems. I don’t drink as much water or eat as much fresh fruit during the winter months.) 

Give yourself a daily water goal. Eat more fruits and vegetables that are known for having a high water content, such as watermelon. You’ll notice a difference in how much dry skin you have on your entire body. This is also a great way to have radiant skin without spending a fortune on products! It’s one of the easiest home remedies for dry skin on feet, and it’s great for your entire body. 

In Conclusion

Getting rid of dry skin on your feet can be accomplished in one night. For severe cases, you may have to use these home remedies for dry skin on feet for more than one night to see the results that you would like. Then, take extra steps to prevent it from coming back. For more essential skincare tips, check out this article! 

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