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What Is Liquid Highlighter Used For?

What is liquid highlighter used for? A liquid highlighter typically comes in a tube form. You use this for the same purpose that you do cream or powder highlighter. It creates a natural glow on your face. Most highlighters are also available in a shimmery finish to give you a dose of radiance. 

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Do You Put Liquid Highlighter On Before Foundation

You can! If you’re trying to use a powder foundation with a liquid highlighter, you should apply your highlighter first. When you attempt to put liquid highlighter on top of powder foundation, it tends to make the two of them blend together for a muddy look that is not appealing. 

However, if you’re using a liquid foundation, you should apply your highlighter after your foundation. It will be easier to blend, and the glow of your highlighter will be more visible than if you apply it underneath. 

Where To Apply Liquid Highlighter 

There are two different ways that you can apply a liquid highlighter. Before you apply a liquid highlighter, you need to know where to apply a liquid highlighter. You want to put a small drop on the high points, such as the tip of your nose, your forehead, and your cheekbones. 

However, you want to remember one basic rule: highlighting and strobing tend to bring things forward because they use lighter colors. Darker colors tend to push things back on the face. Because of that, you want to look at your own features. For example, I have a big forehead. If my hair is pulled back, I don’t put a highlighter on my forehead because I don’t want to accentuate that. 

You can also apply it all over your face for a radiant glow. To do this, mix your highlighter with your foundation. Then, apply your foundation as you normally would. Check out this awesome article to learn more makeup basics!

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