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What Skin Type Is Stick Foundation Best For?

Stick foundation made a splash in the world of makeup. It’s quick, convenient, and offers quite a few benefits. You can easily carry it with you to apply makeup on the go, and it’s available in every shade you can think of. While we all love a good stick foundation, it makes you wonder what skin type is stick foundation best for?

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Who Should Use Stick Foundation?

Stick foundation certainly offers a few benefits. It has a thick consistency like liquid foundations but it’s not as messy. This makes it perfect for people with normal and oily skin. Stick foundations are available in various finishes to guarantee that you can still have the matte look that you need and the formula necessary to combat excessive oil. 

Is Stick Foundation Good For Dry Skin?

While these products are great for normal and oily skin, they are not a great idea for individuals with dry skin. They tend to look cakey as the day wears on. Most stick foundations don’t offer the same benefits that liquid foundations do, either. You won’t get a lot of moisturizing benefits from a stick foundation. 

If you have dry skin, consider a liquid foundation that offers more moisturizing benefits. Moms that are on the go can consider using a BB cream in place of foundation for a quick makeup routine. 

Can You Apply Stick Foundation With Your Fingers?

Yes, you can. In fact, that’s how some people prefer to apply stick foundation. It’s simply easier and faster on those busy mornings when the kids are already late to school. However, you can also use a brush or beauty blender to blend your foundation from your foundation stick into your skin. These products are so versatile, that you can usually make them work with what you already prefer, which is one of the things we love about them.

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