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Does Body Lotion Expire

Long ago, when I thought I had eczema (apparently it was a rash from me eating gluten), I stocked up on Bath and Body Works body creams and lotions. Their body cream just instantly works against dry, itchy skin. However, now I am using lotion quite a bit less, so I was wondering does Bath and Body Works Lotion expire? Yes, it does, but it takes quite a while. In fact, there are quite a few thing to learn if you want to know does body lotion expire. 

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How Long Is Lotion Good For

After you open lotion, it’s typically good for about 12 months. (It’s such a shame that my little one opened all the lotion to smell it.) If you have a lotion that is not opened, it can last for up to three years. However, you do have to store it properly. 

How To Store Lotion To Make It Last Longer

To make your lotion last longer, and possibly past the expiration date, you want to store it away from direct light, especially sunlight, and away from heat. The heat and humidity of lotion being stored in a bathroom can make the ingredients in the product break down quicker. That leads to your lotion expiring sooner. Some people store lotion in a skincare fridge. Others opt for storing it in a cool, dark place like a closet. 

How To Tell If Lotion Is Expired

If your lotion is expired, it’s not always going to smell rancid like your expired lip gloss will. However, it could start to smell different. What it smells like depends on the ingredients. It may smell rotten. Sometimes, you’ll just notice that your lotion smells a bit off, and not at all like the scent that it should. 

Your lotion may also be separating. When you squeeze a bit of lotion out of the tube, there will be a watery goop that comes out first. It’s like what happens when you squeeze ketchup out of the bottle without shaking the bottle first. This is a sign that your lotion is bad and you need to toss it. 

Lotion has a date on the bottle just like most other cosmetics do. It will tell you how long the lotion will be good for after you open it. For some, this is 12 months, and for others, it is 24 months. 

Can You Use Expired Lotion

Expired lotion isn’t likely to cause bacterial infections like expired makeup does. You can more than likely use expired lotion without there being any severe consequences. However, because the ingredients are older and starting to break down, they aren’t going to work as they previously did. That means your lotion won’t be as hydrating or provide the same benefits that it did before.

Instead of taking a chance, purchase some new body lotion.

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