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How To Stop Oily T-Zone With Makeup

Just because you have an oily T-zone doesn’t mean you’re stuck with an uncontrollable shine all day. Instead, you must learn how to stop oily t-zone with makeup. These tips and tricks for an oily t-zone will help you stay shine-free

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Pick A Matte Foundation

People with dry skin can use either a matte foundation or a luminous foundation. However, if you have an oily t zone, you want to use makeup tips for oily skin to reduce the shine in your t zone. One of the best tips is to use a matte foundation. If a bit of oil shines through, it will give you a dewy glow. 

How To Stop Oily T Zone With Makeup Setting Powder

Powder is exceptional for absorbing extra oil. That’s why powder foundation is usually recommended for summers that are hot and humid. If you have an oily t zone, help your makeup stay in place and add in a powder to absorb extra oil with a setting powder. Avoid setting sprays that are known for giving you a dewy finish. Ciate setting powder is a great choice! Read my review here. 

Don’t Use Concealer On Your T Zone

When you have an oily t zone, you’re more prone to breakouts. It can lead to you layering concealer on the area. Some people do this with powder concealer in an effort to control the oil, too. However, this isn’t a good idea. It can make your makeup look unbalanced and too heavy handed. 

Choose Water Based Products

Using silicone or oil based products is not the best idea for oily skin, or for your t zone if you have an oily t zone. Instead, pay attention to the ingredient lists on products that are going to be on your t zone to make sure that you don’t create more oil on your face.

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