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Eyeliner Tips For Big Eyes

One of the best things about eyeliner is that it can be used to manipulate your eye shape. If you have big eyes, these eyeliner tips for big eyes will help you make your eyes appear smaller instead of bigger, and give you that model eyeliner look.ย 

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Donโ€™t Line Your Entire Eye With Black Eyeliner

A dark liner can make your eyes look smaller, and you donโ€™t want to line your entire eye. That can be a bit too much eyeliner, and it makes you look inexperienced. You donโ€™t want it to look like you have raccoon eyes.ย 

Instead, place eyeliner on the outer half of your eye or a third of your eyelid. Avoid the inner rims for a gorgeous look that isnโ€™t unflattering.ย 

Use A Neutral Shade

Neutral shades like brown allow you to line more of your eyelid without it being too bold. Placing liners on the top and bottom lid will help close your eye more so that they do not appear as big.ย 

Consider Tightlining

Tightlining is when you put eyeliner on your waterline. This will make your eyes appear more closed than simply putting liner on your bottom lashline.ย 

Avoid Light Colors On Your Bottom Lid

This is a great makeup tip, but it really only works for people with small or medium eyes. Itโ€™s designed to help the eyes appear more open. If you have big eyes, it can make them look too big.ย 

Use A Medium Or Thick Line On The Top Lid

Using a pencil thin line can actually help open your eyes more. Instead, you want to close them a little bit with a slightly bigger line. However, remember that you need to make the eyeliner the same size across the top lid.ย 

Stick With A Small Wing

It can be hard to pull off an elongated wing when you have big eyes or round eyes. If you do pull it off, it can make your eyes look larger.

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