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Eyeliner Tips For Small Eyes

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If you have small eyes, you want to use eyeliner to open them instead of making them appear smaller. These eyeliner tips for small eyes will do just that!

Put White Or Nude Liner On Your Lower Lid

Light colored eyeliner will be your best friend when you’re worried about eyeliner tips for small eyes! It instantly helps open your eyes more so that they appear larger instead of smaller. If you aren’t a fan of white eyeliner on the top and bottom, put a thin line on the bottom. 

Only Use Dark Eyeliner On Part Of Your Lid

Do not use black or other dark colors on the inside of your eyelid. Instead, stick with the outer third of your eyelid. Too much black eyeliner will make your eyes look smaller. 

Apply Light Colored Eyeliner To Your Inner Eyelid

Use lighter colored eyeliner on your inner eyelid, such as rose gold, white or nude. Then, use a brush to smudge the colors together to get rid of harsh lines. 

If you’re not a fan of that idea, consider dabbing a touch of light colored eyeshadow, highlighter, or concealer in the area. It will have the same eye opening effect. 

Stick With Thin Lines

When you use thick lines of eyeliner, it makes your eyes look smaller. Instead of medium or thick lines of dark eyeliner, you want to use thin lines of eyeliner. This is especially important when you’re using dark colored eyeliner. 

Winged Eyeliner Makes Your Eyes Look Larger

You want to create a small wing that is not very long. The extra bit of eyeliner will make your eyes appear larger. You can put a touch of black eyeliner on the outer portion of your lower lid for this, but make sure that it is a thin line that slowly gets larger when you get to the wing. 

Use Transfer Free Eyeliner

As the day goes on, some eyeliner can wind up underneath your eyes. It makes it look as though you have bags under your eyes even though it’s just from eyeliner. Bags or dark circles under your eyes will make your eyes look smaller. 

When you want to make your eyes appear larger, it’s important to remember that thin lines and light colors are the way to go. Check out this blog for eyeliner tips and tricks! 

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