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Is Setting Spray Worth It

When you ask yourself is setting spray worth it, you need to consider whether you need help making your makeup last all day. If you head home after work, don’t sweat a lot, and simply don’t care if your makeup fades, it might not be. However, if you have other factors coming into play, you might want to pick up a bottle. Here are a few things to consider when deciding if a setting spray is worth your money. 

How Long Does Your Makeup Last?

If you have perfected a technique to make makeup last for twenty hours without setting spray, you don’t need setting spray. The main goal behind this makeup product is to keep your face in place all day long, and possibly all night. 

Sweat Plays A Role

If you plan on heading to the gym, it’s hot where you live or you know that you are going to sweat, setting spray is a necessity. It helps lock your look in place just like hairspray does your hair. When you get a good setting spray, you can leave the gym looking as fabulous as you did walking in. 

You need to keep in mind what type of work you do as well. If your job is very physical and you sweat at work, setting spray is a great idea. 

You Might Need It Someday

There are plenty of people that pick up a bottle of setting spray yet do not use it every day. If cost is a factor, consider picking up a bottle. You’ll have it when you need it, such as hot days or special events. 

Is Urban Decay Setting Spray Worth It 

Urban Decay Setting Spray is a cult favorite, so it leaves some people wondering whether they should bother with it. It’s a favorite partially because it’s Urban Decay, but also because it’s an amazing product. Their All Nighter Setting Spray will definitely help your makeup stay in place.

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