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Setting Spray Tips

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Setting spray tips are going to help you make the most of your makeup. Wrongly applying the setting spray can instantly make it less effective. You can have the best setting spray on the market, and think it’s total crap if you don’t know these setting spray tips. 

Shake The Bottle First

Have you ever seen a YouTube video of someone applying setting spray? They always shake the bottle first. 

That’s because the ingredients can settle in the bottom of the bottle. Shaking the bottle guarantees that everything is mixed perfectly and that it is applied evenly. When you don’t shake the bottle you can wind up with a splotchy application. 

Hold The Bottle Six Inches Away

If you hold the bottle too close to your face, two things are going to happen. First, you’ll spray too much on your face. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Second, you’ll use a lot more product, which is going to hurt your wallet. Setting spray is not always cheap. 

Use A T Or X Formation For Spraying

When you spray in the shape of a T or an X, it instantly sprays your entire face. You want to make sure that you spray your face without over-spraying any one particular area. This method accomplishes that perfectly. 

Let It Dry

If you find that your setting spray takes longer to dry, use a fan or fan yourself with an envelope to speed up drying time. Whatever you do, just hang out and let it dry. If you attempt to get dressed, you can wipe off some of your setting spray. When your setting spray is holding your makeup in place, you don’t want to have patches of setting spray missing. You’ll find that you also wind up with patches of your makeup wearing away.

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