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What Is Pomade For Eyebrows

As you search through eyebrow products in an attempt to have the perfect model eyebrows, you will undoubtedly come across brow pomade. It instantly makes you wonder what is pomade for eyebrows. Pomade is a creamy formula that is designed to give your eyebrows that perfect look that you see splashed all over Instagram. 

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Brow pomade is typically sold in a pot like some cream eyeshadow singles are. Sometimes it will include an angled brush for application. 

Waterproof Formulas

You should always have a few waterproof basics in your makeup collection, and brow pomade is one of them. All formulas are not waterproof, but you’re more likely to find waterproof pomade versus a waterproof brow pencil or powder. 

Concentrated Color

The color combined with the formula makes this makeup product great for faking eyebrow hairs. If you have sparse eyebrows, you need this makeup product. Not only can it help you fake eyebrow hairs, but you’ll also find that you can give your brows a more defined look than if you were to use a pencil. 

Pomade Looks More Natural

This makeup product tends to look more natural on the brows than other products. You simply don’t get the same results with a powder, pencil, or even a brow pen. While other products can help you achieve a model eyebrow, they don’t come off as natural as brow pomade does. 

Always Remember That Less Is More

One thing that you need to remember when applying this is that less is more. You should not have the product falling off of your brush. Instead, it should be the right amount of pomade to create fine hairs. If you cake on your brow pomade, it will look unnatural and like you’re wearing too much makeup. 

Brow pomade is the perfect makeup product if you want natural looking eyebrows, but need to fill in a few spots. Don’t forget, practice makes perfect. 

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