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Is Morphe A Good Makeup Brand

Is Morphe a good brand of makeup? We’ve all heard of Morphe. It’s a cult favorite. Every influencer in the makeup world seems to have Morphe sitting somewhere. Morphe is also affordable. They’re well known for their influencer collabs, and for offering high quality makeup at an affordable price. 

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However, Morphe is not considered a luxury brand, so you’re not going to get luxury quality. Simultaneously, they aren’t a drugstore brand. They fall in between a drugstore quality and luxury quality, but some commenters swear that it’s simply not worth it. If you’re on the fence about whether to jump on the Morphe bandwagon, there are a few good and bad things to keep in mind about the brand. 

All Of Their Products Aren’t Horrible

I don’t own a plethora of Morphe eyeshadow pallets (I actually don’t own any and don’t plan on buying any), but I absolutely had to pick up some setting mist. It’s amazing. The Morphe setting spray holds your makeup in place, and it smells beautiful. I simply don’t have any complaints about it. 

Some of their products might be subpar. However, you get what you pay for in some cases. Instead of assuming that it’s all good or bad, consider reading reviews for products that you’re interested in purchasing. 

Is Morphe Cruelty Free?

There is a great debate on the status of Morphe when it comes to the leaping bunny logo. Years ago, the brand sold stores in mainland China. Then, they claimed that they were somehow able to avoid the testing that other cosmetics companies go through, but it was never revealed how. That sounds a bit sketchy, but okay…

Now, they say that they are cruelty free and do not sell their products in mainland China. They state that they do not do any testing animals. That’s great, but most of that testing occurs from suppliers and other people, not the company itself. I have yet to read a statement released on that. 

However, they also are not certified cruelty free, so I’m going to go with no until they start displaying that leaping bunny logo given their previous statements that sounded a bit off. 

There Are No 100% Gluten Free Products

If you want to figure out if something is gluten free, you have to read the tiny print on the ingredient list. However, because nothing is declared gluten free, and products are not specially formulated to be gluten free, you can rest assured that they are not using a separate manufacturing line. That means that there is a big risk of cross contamination, and you don’t know how much there will be. It can also be a big pain to figure out which ones do or don’t have gluten in them. I honestly just would not chance it with things like lipstick because I need gluten free lipstick. If you need gluten free eye makeup, etc. it’s best to avoid this brand.

Morphe Is A Little Shady…

Check out this video for more information about why people are against Morphe, and think that they are a little too shady to buy from.

Personally, I don’t hate Morphe. However, I do think you should have all the information so that you can make that decision for yourself. To learn more about some of the hottest brands in makeup, check out this article! 

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