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Is Huda Beauty Vegan?

Is Huda Beauty vegan? Huda Beauty is not considered a vegan brand because they do not offer a line of exclusively vegan products. However, there are a few vegan products in their line. A quick product search reveals which products are vegan, and which ones are not. For example, their vegan blush powder is vegan. 

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Is Huda Beauty Cruelty Free?

Huda Beauty is considered cruelty free. It does not perform testing on animals, and neither do it’s suppliers. In addition to that, these products are not sold in mainland China where animal testing is required. 

However, Huda Beauty is not certified through Peta as of 2021. They do not have the Leaping Bunny Label on their cosmetics. Because of this, some people do not classify them as being cruelty free. 

Is Huda Beauty Lipstick Cruelty Free?

Huda Beauty cosmetics are not tested on animals throughout the manufacturing process. This company is also not owned by a company that tests on animals. They do not test the finished product on animals or agree to sell the product to people or countries that are known to test on animals. They are not completely transparent regarding their policies or certified as cruelty free, though. 

Is Huda Beauty Gluten Free?

Huda Beauty does have a few products that do not have gluten containing ingredients, such as their liquid lipsticks. However, they do not have a gluten free label on them. These products are also not advertised as being gluten free. 

It’s important to note that because the products are not advertised as being gluten free, there is a good chance that they are manufactured alongside products that do contain gluten. Cross contamination might be an issue. 

Huda Beauty Products Made In Which Country

Huda Beauty cosmetics are manufactured in the same country as their headquarters: Dubai. This is a great way to spot a fake Huda Beauty product! If it says that it was made in China, you’ve definitely got a fake on your hands.

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