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Bronzer Tips

Bronzer tips will help you learn how to properly apply bronzer to get the look that you want. You need to know where to apply bronzer and know how to achieve the perfect look. These tips and tricks are going to teach you just that. 

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Matte Formulas Look More Natural

The point of bronzing makeup is to give you a sunkissed glow, just like a tan. This is why some people apply bronzer over their entire face. 

Shimmery formulas are wonderful, but they don’t always look natural. Too much shimmer can look unnatural. For a no makeup look, opt for a matte bronzer. 

Use A Fluffy Brush

You don’t want to use a small brush to apply bronzer. Doing this will make sure that the bronzer is in concentrated spots, which doesn’t look natural. Instead, dust the product onto your face with a fluffy brush for a sun kissed glow. 

Strategically Apply Bronzer

There aren’t any rules in makeup. If you want to apply bronzer to your entire face, go for it! However, bronzer is designed to go just underneath of your cheekbone, in a thin line around your forehead and a light dusting on your nose. These are all of the places that the sun naturally hits, so applying bronzer here makes it look more natural. 

Don’t Go Too Dark

Bronzer comes in quite a few different shades. Most bronzer palettes include at least four. However, you need to carefully choose your bronzer shade. It should only be one or two shades darker than your skin tone. 

Using a shade that is too dark can look unnatural. So can using a shade that is too light. Instead, use lighter shades of bronzer that have a bit of shimmer to them as a highlighter. You can use darker shades of bronzer as eyeshadow pigments.

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