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Do You Apply Blush Or Bronzer First

Applying a full face of makeup often includes applying multiple products. It’s important to know what order to apply them in to get the best results. One of the most common questions is, do you apply blush or bronzer first? 

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Apply Bronzer First

If you plan on applying both bronzer and blush to your cheekbones, bronzer usually goes on first. Bronzer is supposed to be applied to the area just underneath your cheekbones. This is the same place where contouring makeup is often applied. 

Next, Apply Blush On The Apple Of Your Cheeks

After applying bronzer, you apply blush. Blush is supposed to go on the apple of your cheeks. You can also apply blush along your cheekbones. Start out the outer part of your cheekbone and gently glide the brush towards the inside portion of your cheekbone. You’ll notice that most of the color winds up on the high point of your cheekbone, just like it is supposed to. 

Blush is supposed to add a touch of warmth to the face. It gives you a gorgeous glow of happiness. It’s important to remember that when applying blush. Another great way to remember where to apply blush is that it goes in the same place that your face turns red in when you actually blush. 

Cream Blush Goes On Before Powder Bronzer

If you’re using a cream blush, the bronzer first rule goes out of the window. Applying cream blush on top of powder bronzer can create a patchy look. The cream blush simply will not blend into your skin. It can even make your bronzer look like it was not applied correctly. 

Instead, apply your cream blush first. Then, apply your bronzer. Make sure that you do not apply too much bronzer. If you apply bronzer with a heavy hand, it won’t work well with the cream products underneath. A light dusting of bronzer on your face will look perfect. 

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