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Is Ofra Cosmetics Cruelty Free

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Ofra Cosmetics is definitely cruelty free. They do not test any of their products on animals, and neither do their suppliers or third parties. Ofra Cosmetics does not sell its products where animal testing is required by law, either. They are also not owned by a company that tests on animals. You’ll find that they are certified by both Leaping Bunny and PETA. 

Is Ofra Vegan

Ofra is not considered a vegan brand. That is because they do not make exclusively vegan products. You also don’t have the option to find vegan products with a quick search on their website. Instead, you’ll have to read the ingredient list. 

Is Ofra A Good Brand

Ofra is an exceptional brand. They make high quality makeup products that are available in a wide range of shades. Although they specialize in liquid lipsticks and highlights, they manufacture everything from eyeshadow palettes to makeup tools. Ofra can be a bit pricey compared to some other brands. A large eyeshadow palette with twenty shades can run you almost $100. A standard sized highlighter will be around $35. 

However, you can find some great deals on Ofra if you catch it on sale. You can find products on sale at Ulta. The Ofra website also has amazing prices on items. If you’re not sure whether Ofra is right for you, consider picking up a trial size Ofra product for a significantly lower cost to decide if you love it. If not, you didn’t just splurge on a full size makeup product. If you do, then you know where to go when you want to buy more Ofra highlighter

Where To Buy Ofra Cosmetics

You can pick up Ofra makeup at your local Ulta. If you prefer shopping online, check out the Ulta website or visit the Ofra website. You can even find Ofra products on Amazon! 

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