Is Smashbox A Good Brand?

Smashbox is considered a good brand. They do not have a lot of gluten free products, but they do have a nice sized collection of vegan products available. Although they are not considered clean beauty, they are cruelty free. 

Most people that try Smashbox products love them. This brand receives rave reviews, especially for its primers. Smashbox primers quickly became a cult favorite after being released, and remain a very popular makeup product to own. 

What Is Smashbox

Smashbox began as a trendy makeup brand in Los Angeles. It was originally to be a part of a larger business model that also consisted of a modeling agency and other creative pursuits. Then, in 2010, it was acquired by Estee Lauder. The original owners still had something to do with their former company, but Estee Lauder has since been the owner. 

Smashbox is known for its primers above all else. You can find almost any makeup product under the Smashbox name, such as eyeliner or lipstick, but you’ll find that they have some of the best primers on the market. 

Is Smashbox A High End Brand

Whether or not a makeup brand is considered high end tends to vary between people. Some consider high end makeup to be makeup that is more expensive. Others look at where makeup is sold. To them, if makeup is not sold at a drugstore, it is considered high end makeup. Others only consider luxury, expensive brands to be high end. To make it a bit simpler, most people consider Smashbox a high end brand. 

Where To Buy Smashbox

Smashbox is available at quite a few stores, such as Kohls and Sephora. If you’re not a fan of buying in person, you can find any Smashbox product on their website. This brand is also sold at Ulta. You don’t typically find it in most drugstores.

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