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Is Violet Voss A Good Brand?

Violet Voss isn’t quite as well known as brands like MAC, but they are making a name for themselves. Is Violet Voss a good brand, though? While they have eyelashes and a few lip glosses, their eyeshadows are their most popular products. The palettes are of good quality, which is why I’m going to say Violet Voss is a good brand. As with every brand, there will be a few disappointments, but their eyeshadows aren’t always one of them. 

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There’s Not A Lot Of Fallout With Shimmers

When you use certain shimmers, there seems to be a new formula with shimmers that involves more fallout than there was years ago. That isn’t the case with Violet Voss. I apply it with a pressing motion, and there still isn’t a lot of fallout. That makes it ideal if you’re searching for makeup for hooded eyes. 

Pigmented Colors

The colors are pigmented. You will see the shade as soon as you press it onto your eyelid. You won’t have to keep applying more eyeshadow, blending, and then applying more again. Instead, you can trust that this eyeshadow will be hassle-free during the application. This also applies to the matte formulas. 

High Quality

When wondering whether Violet Voss is a good brand, you have to compare the quality a bit. I’ve had drugstore brands. In fact, one of my first eyeshadows was an Almay eyeshadow trio. I still have one around somewhere. (I think it’s for sentimental value more than anything.) By comparison, Violet Voss is definitely of higher quality than most drugstore brands. 

Wide Range Of Colors

I love the wide range of colors Violet Voss has available. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for or whether you love matte or shimmer eyeshadow. You can find your perfect palette at Violet Voss. They also have mini palettes, so you can try them for a fraction of the price. 

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