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Is Wet N Wild Gluten Free?

Is Wet N Wild gluten free? Wet N Wild doesnโ€™t usually make it to many of the gluten free makeup brand lists. This is partially because they arenโ€™t considered a โ€œhigh-endโ€ brand. Itโ€™s also because they donโ€™t make exclusively gluten free makeup. However, they have a selection of over 300 products that are gluten free.ย 

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You can find everything from gluten free foundation to highlighter to lip gloss and more. They clearly list whether a product is gluten free on their website, so you donโ€™t have to spend a painstakingly large amount of time reading ingredient lists in tiny print. Instead, a simple search can tell you which products are gluten free. 

Is Wet And Wild Vegan

You run into the same situation with vegan products that you do with gluten free products when it comes to Wet N Wild. They are not known as a vegan label, but they do have an entire line of vegan products. You can find almost any type of product you need when browsing the Wet and Wild vegan collection.ย 

Is Wet N Wild Paraben Free

No, Wet N Wild does not offer paraben-free makeup. However, that does not mean that all of their makeup items are packed with parabens. Youโ€™ll have to check out the ingredient list or contact the company for more information.ย 

Is Wet N Wild A Good Brand

Yes, they are. Although this brand is not considered a luxury makeup brand, they do have some great products. I had never tried them until my daughter picked me up some eyeliner for my birthday. I was amazed at how well it held up. I have yet to try their foundation and the rest of their products, but so far I would love to. 

Wet N Wild is also cruelty free. They do sell products in mainland China, but they make sure that the products being sold are also manufactured in China, so they do not have to undergo animal testing. Their website and products have the adorable Leaping Bunny logo to show you their certification.

You can find all of your favorite products from this brand on Amazon as well as in most drugstores.

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