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Where Is Gerard Cosmetics Sold

This LA based cosmetics company remains well known for its bold, vibrant colors and modern makeup products. The packaging is sleep and modern. The formulas are impressive. The prices are unbelievable. Gerard Cosmetics prides itself on offering luxury makeup at a price that everyone can afford. But, where is Gerard Cosmetics sold?

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Gerard Cosmetics

In 2010 Jennifer Gerard began her claim to fame with her teeth whitening services. Then, she launched Gerard Cosmetics with a full range of gorgeous colors in 2010. She already had a following, but amassed even more with her cosmetics following. 

Her products are found in beauty bags, on vanities everywhere, and on makeup counters. This cosmetics company is known for its brow bar and lipstick, but there are other products available. Their eye concealer and base is truly an impressive eye primer and concealer in one. 

Gerard Cosmetics Scandal

Gerard Cosmetics used to be one of the biggest beauty brands. However, they were partially canceled back in 2015. The owner of the cosmetics company, Jennifer Gerard, was doing a guest appearance on a SnapChat.

During the guest appearance, she watched negative reviews of Gerard Cosmetics, and called someone the ugliest person ever. Some collabs cut ties with her after the offensive comment and decided they did not want to be associated with the bullying. 

Gerard Cosmetics has recovered somewhat, but they don’t have the same popularity as they would have if it hadn’t been for this comment. 

Is Gerard Cosmetics Vegan?

Gerard Cosmetics is not considered vegan. They do offer some vegan products, but there are plenty of their cosmetics that are not. 

Is Gerard Cosmetics Cruelty Free

Gerard Cosmetics states that they are cruelty free. They do not test on animals, and neither do their suppliers are third parties. However, they do not show up in the PETA database of certified companies. They also do not show up in the Leaping Bunny database as of 2021. 

Where To Buy Gerard Cosmetics

If you’re interested in picking up some of your favorite Gerard Cosmetics makeup, you have plenty of options. Purchasing from them directly through their website is always an option. You can also purchase Gerard cosmetics makeup at Target, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, boutiques, some Walmart stores, and various makeup stores across the world. If you prefer shopping online, you can check out their products on Amazon. 

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