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Are Makeup Remover Wipes Bad For Your Skin

Makeup remover wipes are convenient. It’s a great way to avoid sleeping in your makeup when you’ve had a long day and just do not have a double cleanse in you. What are they really doing to your skin, though? Are makeup wipes hurting more than they are helping? Read on and learn the answer to are makeup remover wipes bad for your skin?

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Harsh Chemicals

Most makeup remover wipes are full of harsh chemicals. These chemicals are meant to take the place of a cleanser, but they are typically harsher on the skin than your cleanser is. That can hurt the acid mantle of your skin, which is essential to keeping your skin both hydrated and healthy. 

These can also upset the pH balance of your skin, leading to more skin problems. 

Rough Makeup Removal

When we use face wipes, or baby wipes, to remove makeup, we’re rarely gentle with our skin. Instead, you must apply brute force to get some eyeliners to come off. That can also damage both your skin and your acid mantle. Instead, you need to be gentle with your skin.

The Rough Rubbing Can Make Your Skin Angry

When you use makeup remover wipes, you rub hard at your skin. Not only is this horrible for the thin skin around your eyes, but it can be harmful to all of your skin. It can make it more prone to redness and irritation. 

 You’re Not Actually Cleansing Your Skin

The makeup remover wipes break down your makeup so that it is wiped away, at least for the most part. However, you’re also wiping makeup across your skin. Then, the wipes are not cleaning that makeup and dirt out of your pores. Instead, it’s left sitting there. Your skin needs to be properly cleaned to get rid of makeup, dirt, and residue that has built up during the day. 

However, that doesn’t mean that all makeup remover wipes are horrible. There’s nothing wrong with using them to get the layers of makeup off of your face before washing it!

Makeup Remover Wipes Are Better Than Nothing

While makeup remover wipes aren’t necessarily good for you, they are still better than sleeping in your makeup. Some prefer to have the it’s better than nothing approach and keep an emergency stash of wipes handy. Others insist you should simply wash your face twice a night. 

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Personally, I have a stash, but I use it very sparingly. Typically, it sits on my vanity to wipe away makeup mistakes, or I use them to wipe away my makeup before cleansing gently. This is the ideal way to use your makeup remover wipes. To learn more about makeup remover wipes, check out this article. 

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