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Flawless Foundation Tips

We all want our foundation to look like our second skin, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. However, these flawless foundation tips are going to make it happen. Your skin will start to look like a filter after you apply these foundation tips. 

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Foundation Looks Cakey

If your foundation looks cakey, there could be a few different reasons why you have cake face by the time afternoon hits. These solutions will help you get flawless foundation. 

Dry Skin

One of the most common reasons that we’re left wondering why our foundation looks cakey actually has nothing to do with the foundation itself. When you don’t have the right canvas, your makeup simply isn’t going to stay flawless. 

Dry skin can start to peel during the day or flake off. The end result is that your foundation looks cakey. To combat dry skin try: 

  • Sticking with water based products for extra hydration
  • Drinking plenty of water to hydrate from the inside
  • Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Make sure your skincare products are on point

If you have rough, chapped skin, try to avoid foundation and stick to hydrating remedies until it clears up for flawless foundation. 

Not Layering Products Properly Results In Foundation Looking Cakey

When you apply makeup, you need to make sure that you do it in the proper order. First, put on your primer. Then your foundation. 

There are some ways that you can mix up the routine. For example, some people apply setting spray or powder underneath of foundation to help it last longer. These are great ideas, but too much powder can make your foundation look bad as the day goes on. 

Not Using The Correct Primer

Both your primer and your foundation should have the same base. That means that a silicone based foundation needs a silicon based primer. Likewise, a water based foundation needs a water based primer. 

Too Much Foundation

If you’re wearing too much foundation, it can cake up as the day goes on. Instead of using layers of foundation, opt for one that has the coverage that you need or double check your products. 

Typically, when we want the foundation to look like second skin we want full coverage. It’s important to pay attention to this. There is also a sheer and medium coverage foundation. 

You might find that you’re putting too much foundation in certain areas to cover spots. That’s not what a foundation is always for. Instead, pick up some color corrector or a concealer to take care of that. 

Flawless Foundation Tips To Use During Application

Not only do you need to make sure that you’re using the right products and have that clean canvas, but you also need to use proper application. There are so many tips and tricks for applying foundation, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. These are the ones you definitely need to know. 

Work From The Inside Out

You don’t want as much foundation on the outside. Instead, you want that area to blend seamlessly into your skin. When you use too much foundation on the outer portion of your face, it’s going to show. 

Dampen Your Beauty Blender

Everyone says that a dry beauty blender gives you better coverage. However, a damp beauty blender helps you get that airbrushed look. It will make your face look like you have a filter. 

Spray Your Beauty Blender With Setting Spray

Not only will this help you have a flawless foundation that lasts, but your foundation will also look so much better. After you put foundation on your face, give your makeup sponge a spritz with setting spray. Then, blot your face with the beauty blender for a flawless finish. 

Don’t Over Apply Near Creases And Wrinkles

If you have crow’s feet, fine lines by your mouth, or any other wrinkles or fine lines, don’t layer the foundation on. You want it to be a little thinner in those areas. 

The same applies to natural creases in your face. For example, where your nostrils meet your face. Foundation will slowly seep into those creases and wrinkles for a less than perfect look later. 

Keep An Eye On Your Other Products

Sometimes, using a liquid highlighter with a powder foundation can get messy. Instead, make sure that you’re using a light dose of any liquid products. If you’re a beginner and feeling unsure, stick with the same formula for everything. Powder foundation goes with a powder highlighter, etc. 

Set Your Foundation

After you apply your foundation, set it before applying other makeup. That means that you should dust a fine layer of translucent powder over the top of it. You can also use a setting spray. Make sure that the setting spray is dry before you apply other makeup, such as blush or bronzer. 

In Conclusion

To get the perfect foundation, follow these flawless foundation tips. It all boils down to skincare, proper application, and making sure that you’re using the right products. Usually, when the foundation looks cakey, it’s something simple to fix! For more foundation tips check out this article.

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