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Concealer Doesn’t Cover My Dark Circles

Concealer is supposed to be the one makeup product that we own that can cover imperfections. It’s more than capable of covering dark circles, which can leave you confused when your under eye Prada bags are still showing. If you’re wondering why concealer doesn’t cover my dark circles, these tips are for you!

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You Need A Color Corrector Concealer

There is a basic concealer, and then there are color corrector concealers. Some concealer products that appear tan have undertones that help them cover other colors, such as purple bags under the eyes. Double check your product to ensure it’s also a color corrector. 

Check Out The Color Wheel

Botanical and Vitamin Infused Cosmetics

According to color theory, complimenting colors cancel each other out. That means if you have purple bags under your eyes, a yellow color corrector can help instantly cover them. It will neutralize the color to give you an even base for your concealer or foundation to go over. 

Opt For Full Coverage

There are a lot of concealer products on the market. While we love full coverage, some days and looks call for sheer coverage. Make sure that you have a concealer that offers full coverage, so you have the best chance of covering up dark circles. 

Make Sure Your Concealer Matches Your Skin Tone

A concealer that is one or two shades lighter is awesome. It can be used for quite a few things. Covering up dark circles is not one of them. When using a concealer to cover up anything, you want it to match your skin tone and your foundation. If it’s too light, it will just make the area look grey. Avoid this by picking up a matching concealer to cover up dark circles. 

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