Easy Makeup Tips For Busy Moms

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If you’re a busy mom like I am, these easy makeup tips for busy moms are for you. I had to get up at 5:30 in the morning to start my drop-off routine by 6:30. It involves dropping off two children at different schools. Right now, it also involves dropping off the grandbaby at the sitter. Sometimes, a full face of makeup is just not going to happen. These tips will help you look flawless regardless of how much time you have. 

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Use An Eyeshadow Stick

Eyeshadow sticks are often made with a cream formula. They require no tools, and you don’t have to use a primer with them. It makes them an awesome choice for quick eyeshadow applications. When it comes to easy makeup tips for moms, this is one of the best tips. 

Just Use Brow Gel

Fluffy eyebrows are also in style. Use a brow gel that doesn’t make your eyebrows too stiff, like one from Billion Dollar Brows. Gently comb your brows upwards while applying the gel for a natural yet polished look. 

Decide On Your Must Have Products

We all have products that are a must in our routine. My brow products are one of those. If you simply can’t leave the house without wearing it, don’t kick it out of your routine. Instead, find ways to save time in other areas to reduce the amount of time you spend on makeup. 

Purchase Combination Products

You don’t have to spend time applying a moisturizer, then a primer, then a foundation. Instead, purchase combination products, such as a primer/foundation/SPF/moisturizer in one. Having combination products is one of the best mom makeup tips. 

Pick Up A Hydrating Lip Mask 

When your lips are properly hydrated, your lipstick will stay on longer. Most of these are also tinted to function as a lip mask/lip balm/lip gloss. They’ll give you the tiny bit of color that you want and aren’t sticky like lip gloss. 

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