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Makeup Application Tips And Tricks

Makeup application tips and tricks are going to help you learn the fine art of makeup application. It’s not as easy as watching a few videos, although this can help. There are plenty of other tips that you’ll need to keep in mind. 

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Less Is More

You always need less makeup than you think that you do in the beginning. This is one of the most important makeup application tips and tricks to remember. You can always add more if you don’t put on enough. It can be a bigger hassle to wipe it off if you put on too much. 

Use Q-Tips To Clean Up Small Mistakes

These are perfect for precise makeup removal, like when you put on a little too much lipstick. Simply dip them in makeup remover, and wipe away your mistake. Cotton swabs are easier to use when compared to makeup wipes. 

Use The Right Brushes

It doesn’t matter how great your application skills are if you don’t have the right tools. Make sure that you’re using the right brush for the job. You don’t want to use a fluffy brush for eyeshadow application, or any brush that is too big. 

Don’t Do Your Makeup As They Do In The Videos

While a certain contouring method might work for the person in the video, that does not mean that it is going to work for you. We all have different face shapes and different eye shapes. Learn how to apply makeup for your particular needs to look your best. 

Do Your Eyebrows

Your entire face needs to coordinate. If you’re going for a natural look, a quick swipe of a spoolie will tame messy eyebrows, and it doesn’t involve makeup. You can also use a touch of eyebrow gell to keep your fluffy, natural eyebrow look in place. Those of you that are going for a glam look will need your eyebrows to match that look too. 

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