Dying Brown Hair Blonde: 6 Tips To Prevent Damage

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I have naturally dark brown hair. Years ago, I went from dark brown hair to a beautiful platinum blonde. I know that bleaching your hair can kill your hair, and I didn’t want to damage my hair. Because I used these tips for dying brown hair blonde, I wound up with healthy locks down to my waist that was a beautiful white.

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1. Make Sure That Your Hair is Healthy First

When you want to bleach your hair, you can get impatient. However, it’s very important that your hair be healthy before you start the bleaching process. Hair that is already dry or damaged is more prone to additional damage from the bleaching process.

Your hair should have a healthy shine to it. It shouldn’t be dry or damaged. If your hair is typically dry during the winter months, consider waiting until Spring to bleach it.

Healthy hair is also elastic. Pull out one piece of hair, and hold one end in each hand. Pull on the hair. If it breaks easily, it’s not healthy. Healthy hair will stretch a little bit before breaking.

2. Bleach Your Hair One Day at a Time

You’re going to have to bleach your hair more than once to go from brown to blonde. It can be tempting to bleach it a few times in the same day to hurry up and become a blonde, but this isn’t the best idea. It can cause severe damage. Instead, bleach your hair once. Then, if you need to bleach it again, wait one week.

3. DIY Conditioning Treatments Mid-Week

If you bleach your hair on Sunday and wait until the next Sunday to bleach it again, you should do a conditioning treatment mid-week. This website has great DIY conditioner recipes. You more than likely already have the ingredients that you need in your kitchen, and they are all easy to make. You simply apply them to your hair, wait fifteen minutes, and then rinse them off! Conditioning your hair mid-week will help prevent damage and keep your hair healthy while you’re in the process of bleaching it from brown to platinum blonde.

If you’re not a fan of DIY methods, try picking up a conditioning treatment.

4. Know the Process Beforehand

You need to have a plan. Don’t just head out to Sally’s pick up some bleach and go for it. Instead, you need to know that you’ll be bleaching your hair a few times. (That means you’re going to need a few large tubs of bleach depending on the length of your hair, not just one.)

You may need some toner. It’s very common for brunettes that go blonde to have brassy undertones to their hair. You could wind up with orange hair. A good toner can correct that.

Last, bleaching your hair is not the same as dying it blonde. Bleach essentially strips all of the color from your hair. Dying your hair adds color to it. If you want platinum blonde hair that is white, bleach is the way to go. For more color, you’ll have to bleach your hair and then dye it the color blonde that you would like. Be prepared for this process, especially if you’re doing it at home. It can get tedious, but it’s well worth it in the end.

5. Don’t Use 40 Developer

This is the strongest developer they have at your local salon store. It is definitely going to help you get to blonde quicker, but it is going to damage your hair. We love to dye hair at home in my house. This has included a few mishaps. Including one in which my daughter had a large chunk of her hair break off after using this developer. All she did was try to brush out a tangle, and her hair just snapped. Instead, stick to the process and use a 20 developer.

6. Consider Lightening with Home Remedies First

Using lemon juice on your hair can naturally lighten it, especially if you spend plenty of time outside during the summer months. The combination of lemon juice and sunshine has been used for years to give people highlights that look natural.

Spritz your hair with lemon juice, and enjoy a day going hiking. Pre-lightening your hair before using bleach will shorten the overall process. It can also make it easier on your hair.

In Conclusion

Going from brown to blonde is a challenge for those of us that love to dye hair at home. It can be damaging, but these tips are going to help you have healthy, blonde locks that you love!

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