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How To Heal Chapped Lips Without Chapstick

While chapstick can help protect your lips, it’s not my go to choice when I’m figuring out how to heal chapped lips. In fact, it’s not even in the equation. Chapstick helps protect your lips, but it can actually dehydrate them at times. Instead, try these awesome remedies for chapped lips. 

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Get A Lip Mask

Picking up a lip mask is a wonderful idea. You need one that can double as a lip gloss, so you’ll want to pick up a tinted one. Lip masks are packed with vitamins and nutrients to help heal chapped lips and keep them hydrated. 

If your lips are dry and cracked, apply your lip mask in the morning as a part of your makeup routine and at night before going to bed. You’ll notice a difference in 1-2 days. 

Avoid Drying Products

Most people think that when they use products that give a little tingle, it means they are working. This might be true, but it also means that they are drying out your lips. Instead, stick with hydrating formulas to prevent chapped lips, and help your lips heal. 

Put Away The Lip Plumpers

I love a Too Faced lip plumper as much as the next person, but these can irritate your lips. They have ingredients that are intentionally included to cause irritation. This makes your lips swell so that they look plumper. It’s will take longer to heal chapped lips if you’re coating them in irritants. 

Stay Hydrated

Chapped lips are frequently dehydrated lips, so you want to help keep them hydrated from the inside out. Make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water. Eat hydrating foods, like watermelon. Your lips may still get chapped from the harsh weather conditions, but they will heal quicker. 

Apply Your Lip Mask Instead Of Licking Your Lips

When your lips feel dry, of course, you lick them. It’s an instinct. However, you want to resist that urge. Licking your lips can actually make them drier. Instead, apply your lip mask when your lips feel dry. 

Cover Your Face With A Scarf

The harsh weather of winter can dry out your skin and lips. Protect your lips from harsh weather and chilly winds with a gorgeous winter scarf. 

In Conclusion

While Chapstick and lip balm might be popular options, these products can help dry out your lips. They protect your lips but do little to help them heal. Instead, pick up a hydrating lip mask. Need more tips to learn about lip care? Check out this article! 

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