17 Eyeliner Tips for Hooded Eyes

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When you have hooded eyes, you know that eyeliner can be a pain. If you wear a thick line, you wonโ€™t be able to see your gorgeous eyeshadow. Hooded eyelids make it easy for the makeup to transfer from the eyelid to the piece of skin above your eye as well. Just because you have hooded eyelids doesnโ€™t mean that you canโ€™t have amazing eye makeup! These eyeliner tips for hooded eyes will guarantee that you look gorgeous every day.

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1. Start With a Pencil

If youโ€™re new to eyeliner, begin with a pencil. These are easier to control. It helps to practice to make sure that youโ€™ve got the perfect technique for applying eyeliner for hooded eyes.

2. Transfer Free Products Are a Must

When picking the best eyeliner for hooded eyes, you need to find one that is transfer free. That means that it wonโ€™t transfer from your eyelid to the hood when you open your eyes. Some pencils are transfer free, but you want to read reviews to make sure before buying them.

Urban Decay 24 hour Glide On Eyeliner is highly recommended if youโ€™re looking for the perfect pencil. Most liquid products are more likely to be transfer free. Wet N Wild liquid eyeliner is an awesome drugstore brand that you need to try if youโ€™re searching for an eyeliner for hooded eyes.

3. Apply Thicker Liner to the Outside Corner

When you have hooded eyes, the main problem is that your look is gone once you open your eyes. You can counteract that with a little bit of extra liner or eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyelid. This gives the illusion that itโ€™s on your entire lid, and everyone will still be able to see your glam makeup.

4. Use White or Nude Liner on Your Bottom Lid

When you apply black liner around your eye, it can easily make your eye appear more narrow. Those with hooded eyes want to open their eyes more. White and nude liners are designed to make your eyes look brighter and more open.

5. Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes Needs to be Applied on the Waterline

For most eye shapes, itโ€™s recommended not to apply liner too close to your eye. However, itโ€™s not going to hurt. If you have hooded eyelids, this is a necessity. The main problem is that you have less space on your eyelid to work with, so you need to use your lash line to ensure that your hard work is still visible.

6. Put it on the Outer โ…” of your Eyelid

An application that places liner over your entire top lid can make your eyes appear smaller. That is why itโ€™s recommended that people with hooded eyelids only apply it to the outer portion of their upper lid. This is particularly helpful if you enjoy wearing dark colors, like black or burgundy.

7. Keep Your Eyes Closed After Application

Liquid liner is always a popular choice among people that have hooded eyelids because it doesnโ€™t transfer as much, and most of these donโ€™t smudge easily. However, it can take quite a bit to dry. Make sure that you keep your eyes closed until it is completely dry to avoid ruining your look. For a fast drying eyeliner for hooded eyes, check out Roller Liner Eyeliner by Benefit (available at Sephora in a mini version.) Itโ€™s under $20 and dries in under one minute.

8. Raise Your Eyebrows During Application

Getting your eye in the perfect position for application is a bit more challenging if you have hooded eyelids. Thatโ€™s because you need to move the hood out of the way, and keep it out of the way until it is dry. Raising your eyebrows will help keep the skin taut during application to make it a tiny bit easier.

9. Try Gel Liner for Wings

If liquid liners work out well for you, consider gel. You can achieve a wing with the smooth look that liquid eyeliners provide without the hassle. Gel liners come in a pencil, making them that much easier to apply.

10. Avoid Wings That Point Down

The primary goal is to open your eyes more. A downwards wing is going to do the opposite. While these wings are gorgeous, they tend to make the eyes appear as though they are more closed. This is great for people with round eyes, but not the best idea if you have hooded eyelids.

11. Elongated Wings are Your Best Friend

Thereโ€™s nothing worse than perfecting your wing only to open your eye and realize that itโ€™s hidden because you have hooded eyelids. Just because you have hooded eyes doesnโ€™t mean that you canโ€™t rock the winged look! Simply stretch the wing out so that it extends beyond your eyelid for a dramatic flair that you can show off all day long.

12. Use an Eyelid Primer

Eyelid primer is designed to help your makeup last longer. The right eye primer, like Stuck On You Eyeshadow Primer, can easily prevent creasing. This makeup product is a must have if you have hooded eyelids.

13. Pick Up an Eyeliner Brush

These brushes are designed to give you more control over where your liner goes. This can be helpful in everyoneโ€™s life, but itโ€™s especially helpful for those with hooded eyelids. An eyeliner brush allows you to carefully place a tiny amount of eyeliner in the ideal spot. It is an easier technique than trying to navigate liquid or pencil.

14. Consider Colors

Black is the most popular choice, but that doesnโ€™t mean that itโ€™s the best choice for everyone. If you have hooded eyelids, your eyes appear more closed due to the hood. Black can add to that effect. Instead, consider trying plum, burgundy, or a beautiful brown. Colors can open your eyes while simultaneously making you look more stylish.

15. Use Light Colors in the Corners

To make your eyes appear both brighter and wider, put lighter colors towards the corners of your eyes. This can be light-colored eyeliner (donโ€™t forget to blend), highlighter, or eyeshadow. This technique will instantly make your eyes appear more open.

16. Try Different Products and Techniques

There are hundreds of products on the market. Youโ€™ll also come across quite a few different techniques. Thatโ€™s because what works for one person doesnโ€™t necessarily work for another person. Thankfully, there are no rules to make up. Take your time, and try different things to find out what works for you and your eye shape.

17. Practice Makes Perfect

No one watches one YouTube video and knows how to do makeup perfectly! Donโ€™t get discouraged and give up. Instead, itโ€™s important to understand that practice makes perfect! Get some makeup remover wipes, clear your Saturday afternoon, and then have some fun playing with your eyeliner. As you practice, youโ€™ll learn which technique works for you, and which type of eyeliner you prefer.

In Conclusion

Learning how to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes can be a bit of a challenge. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it! Instead, keep in mind these tips and break out your favorite eyeliner for a few practice sessions for a flawless, Instagram worth look. Check out this article for more eyeliner tips! 

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